Robbie H. Taha, MD

  • Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dr. Robbie H. Taha

Like all gastroenterologists, Dr. Robbie Taha received additional training to treat digestive problems. But he went even further by doing a special fellowship in advanced endoscopy, learning from the country’s top experts. As a result, he can confidently navigate an endoscope – a flexible tube with a camera tip –from a patient’s mouth to the digestive tract, where he can identify stones, tumors and narrowed passages in the bile ducts. He also can use “balloons” and “baskets” to remove stones endoscopically, often giving patients immediate pain relief. “I take care of all patients like they are family members,” says Dr. Taha, who practices with Coastal Carolina Gastroenterology & Hepatology Associates. “I really try to go the extra mile to help them out.”

“I take care of all patients like they are family members.” - Robbie Taha, MD

To make an appointment with Dr. Taha, please call 843-576-0700

Medical Degree
Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Internal Medicine Residency at Providence Hospital
Providence Hospital, served as Chief Fellow in gastroenterology

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