Gun Compromise

  • Tuesday, April 16, 2013

 Dear Editor,
Once again our politicians are allowing the NRA to hold them hostage when it comes to reasonable gun control. The majority of the American people have made it clear that there is a need for banning assault weapons and limiting ammunition clips. Even a majority of the NRA’s members has stated they are willing to discuss reasonable gun control.
The NRA continues to play the fear card, telling their members that the Obama Administration wants to take all their guns. The second amendment endorses the rights of all Americans the right to bear arms. The question is not the right to bear arms, but which arms should we reasonably bear. Why does someone need to have an assault weapon with a magazine clip holding one hundred rounds? Assault weapons are made to kill human beings.
The GOP is playing the second amendment using the fear factor, just like the NRA, to the hilt.
Many opponents of reasonable gun control say if assault weapons are banned then they will be unable to protect themselves from the government. If they fear their government that much then they need to find a new government to live under. Believe me, if the government wanted all your guns, they would not have any trouble taking them.
If a person enjoys firing or having target practice with an assault weapon then he or she could go to a firing range that allows assault weapon target shooting and where the weapon can be checked out. Then when practice is finished the weapon can be checked back in.
Gun control can be accomplished through compromise.
The facts are clear: More guns equal more violence; more gun violence equals more deaths.
Do we want to go back to the Wild West where everyone carried a gun? Sadly, we have people in our country who would answer, “yes.”
Does our Congress have the political courage to stand up to the NRA and gun lobbyists and do what the majority of Americans want: reasonable gun control?
Until all parties that come to the table start listening and compromising, the carnage will continue. How many more Newtown slaughters of innocent babies is it going to take before we do the right thing? Come on America. We are better than this.
Brooks Moore
Blue House Road

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