Gun Control

  • Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Editor,
Usually Mr. Brooks Moore confines his many, many public commentaries to issues where his experience as an educator could have some semblance of logic and relevance.  Sadly, in his recent rant on the Second Amendment he merely parrots the usual Democratic talking points/positions on the current gun control dialogue.  Democrats seem hell bent on usurping the individual constitutional freedoms of US citizens by imposing more strident Government legislation over citizens who might legally choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  All on the premise that we need to do something, indeed pass anything about guns to curb the recent occurrences of violence upon innocents by mentally ill persons. Wrong! 
Mr. Moore lacks much in depth knowledge of modern weapons by his use of the terms “assault weapons and magazine clips”.  Among gun enthusiasts there is really no such thing as an “assault weapon” unless you want to classify almost all of the legal to own semiautomatic loading rifles as such.  The “assault weapons” term was reportedly created by the gun control zealots such as Senator Dianne Feinstein.  The term “clips” refers to a holder for multiple cartridges that can then be inserted into a weapon as a unit such as stripper, en bloc or moon clips.  The often mentioned “high capacity” magazines are those used in modern semi-automatic loading rifles.  These are more correctly known as “ammunition magazines” and have a practical limit of say twenty to thirty rounds.
Mr. Moore asks, “Why does anyone need to have an assault weapon with a magazine clip holding 100 rounds?”  The answer for Mr. Moore is that if they want to own these items, have the financial resources to purchase them, then it is entirely legal and appropriate for them to do so.  It is also entirely inappropriate for Mr. Moore or anyone else to appoint himself to be the “official nanny” or decider of what type of legal firearm another citizen may choose to bear and deploy in defense of himself, his family, property and our country.
Mr. Moore would blame everything on the National Rifle Association (NRA) or Republicans when his real issue is with that dreadful Second Amendment among our original Bill of Rights.  If the NRA’s and the Republican party’s defense of the Second Amendment is so disturbing to Mr. Moore, a cursory review of his teacher notes from high school US Government class would quickly reassure him that there is indeed a long, difficult and orderly process outlined there in Article V of the US Constitution for amending the Constitution, should a compelling need arise to do so.  So follow it!  It is purposely long, difficult and orderly because we enjoy a constitutional republic not a democracy.  In our country we do not govern or legislate by conducting extemporaneous polls in the midst of an emotional tragedy caused by mentally ill persons imposing violence upon innocents.
More guns do not equal more violence or crime.  In fact just the contrary is true!  One only needs to review the crime/murder statistics of every oppressive gun control state or city such as New York, NY; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA to discover that the “reasonable gun controls” Democrats usually advocate produce just the opposite results, that is, more murders, more assaults and more property crimes.
Want to reduce violence? Deny mentally ill persons access to firearms!  Prosecute and incarcerate felons who attempt to purchase or use firearms in their crimes!  Enforce the current thousands of gun laws already on the books!
But deny a legal US citizen their Second Amendment rights?  Never!
Bill Spaulding
Ashborough Avenue
Summerville, SC

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