Bamboozled Americans

  • Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dear Editor,
Brooks Moore's recent article reflects that he and, unfortunately, millions of other Bamboozled Americans just don't get it on this gun control issue.
The truth is that...of course the present administration would love to confiscate all of our guns, and NO, they couldn't "just take them if they want to". The goof offs in DC know this, and that's why they haven't already done it. Most Americans aren't wimps, Mr. Moore, and the central government just doesn't have that ability...yet.
And in reference to "more guns", etc, lets use another example to show how stupid that line of thinking is. I guess they should stop us buying more cars. After all, the more cars are out there, the more accidents. The more accidents, then the more deaths! So ban, say, fast sport cars, and all v-8's!
Nope!! Just remembered! It's the drunks and texting drivers that are killing people and not the cars. It's the very same with guns, knives, oh yes, and ball bats, and sharp ball point pens. Let’s don't forget them!
And for Pete's sake, you should be thanking God above for the NRA, of which I'm a proud member, by the way!
Yep! It's true! A gun-toting Pastor!
The truth is that the present people in power in Washington are attempting, not so discreetly now, to do away with our Republic and Constitution and form a democratic government, which leads to the next step, a socialist regime, that ultimately ends up becoming a dictatorship!  Don't say I'm crazy! The same bunch took prayer right out of our schools before we could say, Our Father, who art in heaven!
I've said it and said it, and, unfortunately, I am as right as rain.
If Americans don't wake up and smell the confiscation of our freedoms one by one, and become unified and shout very loudly,"Oh no you don't!!", we are in for a very bad ending to our great nation. The good news is that I believe there are enough of us beginning to speak up and refuse to be silenced!
"Praise The Lord, and pass the ammunition"...so to speak!
Mike Moore
Pimpernel St.
Summerville, SC

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