Decomposing constitution

  • Thursday, April 25, 2013

The slow process of our decomposing U.S. Constitution is progressing step by step.  I watched an interview this morning, April 17, on CNN whereby the question was asked of a number of residents that live nearby the University of California.  The questions relate to the First  Amendment to the Constitution in the format  that the right of free speech should be reduced because of the times in which we live!  The  government should have supervision of all emails and commentaries. ! The unanimous answer was yes. 
The second question was presented to a different group of people in the same region of California and it was in the same format as the first, but related to the Second Amendment regarding the right to bear arms.  Because of the times within which we live the right to bear arms should be severely limited whereby rifles and hand guns with large capacity clips should be prohibited; registration of all weapons shall be mandatory and fines and imprisonment shall be the penalty.  In addition, no person with a mental problem, a prison record (for any reason including failure to pay alimony) shall be denied the right to purchase or  own a gun.
The answer was again unanimous.."YES".
What in hell has happened to this generation?  Has it given up critical thought?  Has it allowed the White House and a useless, inept congress to fall on its own petard?  Is the present Administration's agenda to convert the United States in to a police state?  What really is the purpose of these two amendments but to limit the excesses of an out of control government like happened in 1776 with King George.  The 4th Amendment also is in advanced stages of decomposition when it can now enter the privacy of every citizen's home, computer  and camera through electronic surveillance without a warrent.
In a letter to the Summerville Journal Scene, April 17th, the writer obviously gave up and capitulated to the will of the establishment and foregoes critical analysis as those do in California.
The link within the proposed Gun Control Law is on its surface logical, but it is the most ominous since it places in the hands of government administrators the right to determine who is sane and who is mentally disturbed.  If any one believes that determinations will be based on fair and just decisions  then  look only to the Supreme Court's decision on Obama Care and abortion or how our congress makes decisions based on who donates most to their reelection campaigns and those special favors that make laws favoring the donors
Ever since our Constitution was enacted, it has been attacked.  It comes down to not what is stated therein, but how much can be used to bribe the populace with other peoples' money in the form of  selective taxation.
A liberal member of the senate made a statement to the effect, at the end of the time of the Iraq campaign, returning troops should be detained from entering back to  this country until it can be determined  to be safe to merge  with the civilian population.   In other words, they are dangerous until the government declares them suitable to have weapons and go through psychological testing.
Today, Senator  Dianne Feinstein would make it nearly impossible to have a weapon more powerful than a pea shooter.  Simply, her ilk gives no thought of protecting us against a government that now appears to be the enemy within.  We cannot defend ourselves with 1789 muskets; rather we need weapons based on what the "Schutzstaffel  uses and I assure you we face automatic weapons and armor- piercing bullets.  We're not so much afraid of a few nut cases, but rather the government nuts and those blinded by opinion makers that  threaten  our freedoms.
Joe Kress

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