Dr. Thomas Newton

  • Wednesday, June 5, 2013

While he started his medical career in the Navy as an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Thomas Newton now serves as medical director for the Advanced Wound Care Centers at Trident and Summerville medical centers and has been at the forefront of this emerging field during the past decade.  He is board certified in Hyperbaric Medicine. “The wound care we do here is different than the wound care that we do in emergency medicine.” Patients struggle with ulcers, sores and infections that won't heal properly, and they often have complicating factors such as diabetes.  In some cases, they would face amputation if they didn't get advanced care. “We have access to some therapies that aren't readily available to a lot of doctors. I have a supply closet that probably has 20 different kinds of dressings.” Treatments may also incorporate hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in which patients spend up to two hours in a chamber with 100% oxygen, comparable to the pressure they would experience in an underwater dive.  The infusion of oxygen speeds healing and improves circulation.
“When we heal these wounds, we can provide people with a better of quality of life, and there's a cost savings that's associated with that as well.”
-Thomas Newton, MD
Medical School – Medical University of South Carolina
Residency – University of Florida Health Science Center, emergency medicine
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Newton, please call 843-847-4379.

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