Dads are amazing, too!

  • Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dads are pretty amazing.
One thing that is amazing to a child is how strong their dad is. To a child, dads have incredible strength because the child observes how much more dads can do than the child. 
I came a bit late in my dad’s life. I was the youngest child but even then my dad was pretty stout for a man in his late 40’s. 
One day Dad brought home two 100-pound bags of sweet feed for the animals and a 35-pound sack of chicken feed.  Dad told me to take the chicken feed and put it away. 
As I struggled with that sack, I watched Dad as he grabbed a bag of sweet feed with one arm and the other sack in the other arm, then tote 500 feet to the barn while I was struggling with all my might with that sack of chicken feed. It was then that I became convinced beyond doubt that in reality my dad was Superman in disguise!
I suspect most kids feel the same way.  To them Dad can do anything and that’s why kids look upon their dads as heroes. They also feel that the safest place in the world is to be with their dads and thus when they grow up they want to be just like them.
Another thing dads are good at is forgiving their children for doing stupid things that embarrass them. Believe me, I did things that must have caused my dad to think to himself, “Is this my son?”  
After remembering some of the foolish things I’ve done, I’m amazed that my dad never said something like, “Don’t ever let anyone know you are my son.”
Dads and moms have an amazing ability to forgive their children for the unforgiveable because that’s what love does. That shows the magnitude of their hearts and the depth of their love.
One of the most important things a dad does is that they teach their children valuable lessons of life like integrity, honesty, faithfulness, self-respect, and respecting others.  In other words, teaching them the importance of growing up to be a person who respects themselves and draws respect from others. 
If a dad can teach their kids that, he will be looked upon as a resounding success as a dad by the people who are the most important to them – the mother of his kids and the kids themselves.
Perhaps the most amazing things about dads is that they are fantastic at making amazing memories that last for eternity, memories that lift you up when you’re down, memories that make you smile when nothing else could chisel one on your face, memories that make you wish that you could find a time machine and go back and live them all over again.
The fact that a child has such wonderful memories means just one thing and that is that their dad loves them so much that they made spending time with their kids a top priority.  The time dads spend with them making such memories is a gift of love beyond measure. 
I guess I’m one of the lucky ones because I could fill this paper reciting such memories, memories of Christmases, working on the farm, working at my dad’s store, times at Folly Beach, on and on …
I bet many of you can do the same thing. So, here is an idea, if you want to make this Father’s Day a wonderful memory for him, use your imagination.  Do something wacky, funny, exciting, and worth remembering. 
The reward is not only that you have made it a day worth remembering for him but for yourself as well.

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