Fuzzy Math

  • Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I’ll never be accused of being a math whiz even though I can do simple multiplication in my head and I can make change for a dollar without a calculator.  I’ve also learned to check my grocery receipt for errors before I leave the store.  But when you start adding all those zeros that mean billions or trillions, I tend to get a little confused.
It seems to me that before all the discussion about an Affordable Healthcare Act we had a not-so-perfect, but reasonable opportunity, for some level of health coverage that suited an individual’s needs and purse.  (Who ever said “free” about the new plan??  That’s what a lot of people heard.)  Every person that worked in the medical field knew there were problems in the system, but the elephant in the room should have been eaten with a spoon to fix problems in increments.  However, the POTUS and the career politicians decided to sweeten the political pot by making such sweeping changes to the system that no one can figure out what the future holds regarding medical care.  If our legislators truly believed AHA was such a good plan, they would not have exempted themselves or granted even one single waiver; they would have been the first ones to step up and sign up.  Yet they will spend exorbitant amounts of OUR money on their plan for enforcement and management that includes astronomical amounts of paperwork, fines, taxes, thousands of new Federal employees, IRS bully tactics, commercials and teaching moments.  They will be a soliciting everyone from your favorite ball player, Hollywood stars, teachers, librarians and children that will attempt to convince us all what a great deal it is to pay more for getting less.  And OMG, let’s not forget about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars utilizing FaceBook to see how many people can “like” them.  Has not anyone figured out that someone has to eventually pay all the bills?  Does no one care that future generations will be swamped with the debt?
Wouldn’t it have been much simpler to just take the funds being used for enforcement and used it to purchase a premium insurance policy for everyone in the country and forget all the other “stuff”?
Recently it was announced that a portion of the bill relating to businesses will be pushed off until 2015 because they have “heard the peoples’ concerns”.  When in reality what they heard was their poll numbers hitting bottom.  What lawmakers are counting on is voters having the usual short memories and not even thinking about the situation during the mid-term elections.  But they will soon realize what happens in 2015 WILL impact the 2016 presidential elections.
Let the fun begin!! Maybe we’ll get to watch as some life-long politicians come home and live in the world they created.
S. M. Salmon
Runnymede Lane
Summerville  SC

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