And Justice for all

  • Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Editor,
Isn’t it a shame that there is the impression by many that the only reason that George Zimmerman was not convicted was that his defense team did a better job than the State prosecuting team in convincing the jury.
Isn’t it a shame that there are many who feel that Trayvon Martin did absolutely nothing wrong on this dreadful night and that he was needlessly killed by an over aggressive neighborhood watchman.
Isn’t it a shame that there are many folk who feel that racial prejudice runs so rampart that it is impossible to receive a fair trial; even though the jurors were properly screened, interviewed and then selected by both the prosecuting and defense trial lawyers.
Isn’t it a shame that the government publicly has stated that they would investigate to see if this trial was not indeed a case about racial profiling…….even though not one piece of evidence has supported such an outlandish claim. 
Isn’t it a shame that there are still a good many folk who state “…we can’t see how six ladies could not see what six million people see”….because they only see through a prism of emotional frustration,  racial overtones, and the inequities that blacks and other  minorities face everyday.
In other words…….these folks have no interest, desire, or concern about the laws of the state or the lawful and legal procedures of due process…..but just want someone to pay for doing someone wrong…..to get even…even if it takes a lynch mob to accomplish the job.
In other words, stir up the pot of discontent, cause a media blitz of outcry, and create a deafening dissenting voice so loud that justice will most assuredly be served regardless of the facts, events or evidence of the case…….and the laws that govern our land!
Folks, this is not the way to go!!
I am a parent of four daughters, and if something tragic were to happen to one of them I know that I would be stricken with grief, brokenhearted, and tormented with pain.  I would be angry. I would soul search and seek healing prayer and counseling, and find comfort and solace in the arms of loved ones, family and a loving Savior. And I know that with God and time, even though the scars and hurt of my broken heart would never go away, the pain and tragedy of my loss would slowly ease and become more tolerable.  I would learn to live and breathe again.  I would learn to forgive.
It is my prayer for all of us to pause and reflect upon our own lives.  To take a few moments of soul searching and see if we are living in a manner that brings peace and comfort to those around us, instead of turmoil and discord.  To see if we are being a positive example of actively listening to each other, or just demanding that our voice be the one that is always heard.   Are we truly seeking to understand each other, or do we just want to make sure that others understand our point. Are we living behind the prison bars of our own fear and prejudice?  Are we willing to risk to live together?
Pick up the newspaper.  Buried behind the headlines and sports stories are the disturbing facts that will not go away……..we are killing each other.  Whether it is black on black crime, gang activity, or otherwise, we simple truth is that are killing each other.  There is a great sense of despair, failure and hopelessness in many communities.  The Judeao Christian values of this country are taking on a full assault.  Is there hope?
Yes there is!    Look up and look in……there is justice for all……………….
We are the salt of the earth, and the light of the world.  May our lives give strength and hope to others, and may our light help others find the way home.
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”…..Matt 5:9
Dickie Miler
Dan Miler Lane

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