Sovereignty rests with governors

  • Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Governor Haley:
We have become aware of a growing concern---anger---across America by “We the People” for the arrogance of many politicians, particularly at the federal level, for ignoring Constitutional law and imposing their will, and accompanying intrusiveness, upon American citizens.  This grass roots movement is coalescing around the idea of revisiting, through the amendment process, the wording of current Amendments to the U.S. Constitution for the purpose of revising their wordage to further fortify them to better resist efforts by Progressives to reduce the influence of “We the People” of this Constitutional Republic.
The ever increasing power of the federal government, particularly the executive and judicial branches, is very disturbing. We the People are being marginalized by the federal government through (1) executive orders, (2) establishment of unconstitutional federal departments even at the cabinet level, (3) the decisions of unelected, bureaucratic, politically appointed autocrats, and (4) federal judges who make rulings that are clearly politically motivated rather than based on Constitutional law. Their sole purpose is to centralize power---in Washington, D.C.
America’s Founding Fathers didn’t intend for the federal government to hold the power they wield today. At the Constitutional Convention, the states generally had a lot of suspicion about transferring even limited, political powers to a federal government, and the wording of the U.S. Constitution, its Amendments, the private writings of our Founding Fathers, and our current balance of power problems substantiate those suspicions.
 Unfortunately, over time, as illustrated in the second paragraph, cunning and deceitful people with a socialist world-view for America have manipulated, often unethically, the balance of power to their advantage wherein a disproportionate amount of political power has transferred from private citizens and the states to the federal government particularly, as previously stated, the executive branch and the judicial branch. This must be stopped!
Of course, the question is “Who is going to bell the cat?”
We have absolutely no confidence that our inept Congress will vote for modifying our current Amendments because of the partisan, political divide therein; however, through the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, Article V of the U.S. Constitution states that two-thirds of the States of this great nation can activate this process.  
With this background information, our purpose for writing this letter is to ask you, as governor of a state whose conservative roots support the concepts of limited government, to come forward and take a leading role with mobilizing other like-minded state governors across America with taking the steps necessary to identify amendments that need to be made or modified to return political power to “We the People.”
Most likely, one can limit to his or her two hands the counting of historical events that had ramifications for ALL of the world’s people. The concepts of America’s U.S. Constitution, in its original purity, have been a beacon of hope for the “entire” rest of the world since its adoption along with its Amendments, particularly our Bill of Rights. Therefore, we strongly believe that a decision by two-thirds or more of America’s governors to preserve our U.S. Constitution by fortifying the wording of its Amendments will be discussed in educational and political circles two thousand years from now.         
We believe our very sovereignty primarily rests with whether the governors of the conservative states across this great nation will have the courage and unselfish patriotism to address this subject in a bold and noble manner. If they will, then, we believe this body of governors will reassert, as well, their rightful political power on national matters as understood by the majority of our Founding Fathers.
Michael Greenstreet
Blue House Road

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