Let's Roll

  • Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 Dear Editor,
Headlines in today’s papers read “Obama admits strike tough sell,” with the byline of president plans televised speech to country Tuesday. The other headline by Russian president Putin reads “Russia to helping Syria if it’s attacked” Putin willingly admits to supplying weapons to Syria and maintaining economic cooperation.
It seems to me to be a power struggle between Obama and Putin. They say follow the money trail for the answers, in this case I think it is the OIL trail. Wonder why the media is keeping this quiet? I say stay out of it, America! Why ask for trouble? Not one lost America life is worth the sacrifice that retaliation against Syria, will bring to our homeland in their civil war.
We have played the big bad leader of the world far too long, throwing billions of our hard earned tax dollars to people that would have no problem beheading us all as they call us infidels. One leads by example and our country has slipped morally as our apathy increases by the minute.
We forget so easily, if ever there was a reason to go to war, 9-11-01 would have been the time to do so, but not now in our fallen condition. The attention the media is giving  “Syria” is taking our eyes off other American, at home issues. Things like Obama care, common core standards, jobs, the economy.
We have joined the NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS crowd with our apathy and attitude. When will we wake up and draw our own RED LINE in the sand? We are devoured of strength and do not even know it, as it reads in Hosea 7; 9-10.
Do you feel safer since 9-11? That's a NO for me, BUT.... after 12 years I still haven’t given up. I love my country and all the American blood sacrifices for her as it cries out to me to stay focused, keep the hope alive in our God that loves us and will be with us, just like 9-11-01 in the voice of the crewmember who cried out “LETS ROLL.”
America do not let those be wasted words...this memorial 9-11, 12th anniversary day. Do SOMETHING...join a group of like minded people, write a letter to editor, make a phone call, pray above all, but don’t sit idly by as we become another fallen Roman Empire. It only took one Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus to fire a movement.  This 9-11 I  urge you to become another Rosa Parks. Don’t give up on our country, refuse to give up your seat of dignity of being a proud American and most of all a person of Christian value’s our country was founded on...
Thanks be to God!
Sue George
Country Club Blvd.

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