Reconsider Fripp extension

  • Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fripp Lane connection

Dear Mayor Collins and Councilman Jenkins,

I am writing to ask that you that you please reconsider the proposed road connecting our neighborhood to Fripp Lane. My husband and I live at 132 Avonshire Drive, just three houses away from the road extension that we have been told is a “done deal.”

There are so many reasons that this would have a negative impact on our neighborhood. I’m sure you’ve heard all of the reasons at the meetings but, please, hear me out.

When we first moved to Summerville, we found it charming and looked forward to having our home built here. We lived here for a year and decided we wanted to live in Weatherstone, at the back, in Mason Park. We chose our lot in the late summer, while there were leaves on all the trees. Once our home was completed the following January, with the trees bare of their leaves, we could see that our home backed up to a very rundown neighborhood. Within the first year, we’d been burglarized by two men from that neighborhood. I know that was where they were from because I chased them back there. (I’ve since learned it’s not good to chase someone you probably shouldn’t catch) And, I recognized them from photos in The Post and Courier when they’d been caught selling drugs.

We have lived here since 2008. We’ve made friends here and would like for our neighborhood to remain just that, a neighborhood. If you turn it into the throughway that has been proposed, no good will come of it. We have already had a large amount of crime from the area behind us, and it will not improve with an added entrance and exit. We have numerous neighbors that park on the street which will impede the flow of traffic and increase the number of accidents.

Another factor that I haven’t seen mentioned is how this will further drive our property values down. We have already taken a huge hit in the value of our homes across the United States. Why would you want to do something that would further devalue our homes?

We are living in a day and age where I, and many other folks, feel that our government no longer represents the people, but instead, just their own interests. Local, state and national representatives are seen as corrupt and self-serving and I must say, it’s very easy to see why. I hope that is not the case here. But when our repeated requests that another avenue be found are ignored, especially when it will hurt our neighborhood, it makes one wonder. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I can only hope that you will consider the things I have said and recognize how this will impact those of us that live here.


Caroline Koye


Dear Editor,

I have heard all the arguments for and against the Local Option Sales Tax which would increase the Dorchester County Sales Tax from 7 percent to 8 percent, and even though it might benefit me a little by giving me a small credit on my property tax bill, I must stand against it.

The bottom line is that in my heart of hearts I can’t stand the idea that non-property owners, some of whom are living paycheck to paycheck, would be forced to help pay my property taxes every time they make a purchase in Dorchester County. I urge the citizens of Dorchester County to vote NO on the 1 percent sales tax increase referendum on the 5th of November.

Wiley Johnson


Tea Party conservative

Dear Editor,

The President is refusing to meet with anyone.

The Senate leader refuses to compromise or even meet with the House leader.

The House keeps offering compromises, but the media barely reports them.

The Dept. of Justice will not sue IRS leaders who have clearly targeted Tea Party groups.

The Dept. of Health is implementing the Affordable Healthcare Act even though it is not affordable or ready to use or universal -- more than 2,000 groups have been given exemptions.

The Dept. of National Security refuses to secure the borders or arrest illegals.The Dept. of Justice will not extradite illegal aliens.

The unemployment rate is really about of 15% if you include the people who have quit looking for jobs.

The Dept. of Agriculture is suing farmers if the wind carries pesticides from one field into the next.

The Dept. of Education is taking over education in 45 states through common core standards, unless they wake up.

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt sent GE’s medical imaging and x-ray division to China a day after being chosen head of the Economic Advisory Board.

Eric Holder is suing Southern states one at a time, accusing them of trying to stop old black people and students from voting, but the Dept. of Justice refused to sue Black Panthers who stopped people from voting.

The US military budget has been cut by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years, but the federal government will give a free cellphone to anyone who asks.

Students in a class in Texas were made to wear Muslim clothing, and write an essay that defended calling terrorists freedom fighters.

Our computers are hacked into, not just by Chinese hackers but possibly by our own government.

The EPA stopped the manufacture of lightbulbs that work. No lightbulbs are manufactured in America today.

Ten thousand people a day – A DAY!!! – are signing up for food stamps without having to qualify.

The federal government is borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar, primarily from China --- but it keeps right on spending.

The number of people receiving disability benefits is now 20.5 %.

The President is willing to talk to the Presidents of Iran, Syria and Russia, but not the Speaker of the House.

Harry Reid, the Senate leader today itemized people whose jobs are being furloughed, yet he refuses to pass a bill that would fund the government unless the ACA is included.

The Dept. of Homeland Security does not see stopping enriching uranium in Iran as a national security issue, but it has implemented full body searches of babies and seniors like me.

No one has been held accountable for Benghazi.

People with severe mental illness are allowed to work and walk among us, even when those around them fear for the safety.

Are you seeing a pattern emerge?

If you have a student loan and make on-time payments on it for several years, the government will forgive the rest of the loan.

On a trip to England, the President brought 500 staffers including 6 doctors, the White House Chef, all his own food and drink, plus Air Force One, the Presidential helicopter, and a fleet of identical helicopters. But in the meantime America is in sequestration.

And the fed continues to print money, making your savings worth less by the hour.

Few schools start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance, and certainly not a prayer, but a few Pledge Allegiance to the Earth.

Husbands have to stand by while their wives and daughters are publicly patted down at airports.

America’s relationship with its best friend in the Mideast has been damaged – on purpose.

Do you see how America is being fundamentally transformed?

Do you see the Chaos Theory in action? Do you see the constant false emergencies and distractions from the real issues?

America is broke by design. We are weakened both militarily and culturally by design.

Do you see the government intrusion in every part of your lives?

The President blames all this on the Tea Party.

Harry Reid blames all this on the Tea Party.

I have NEVER been prouder of being a Tea Party conservative.

Linda Ensor

Hamlet Road, Summerville

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