• Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear Judy,

I was amazed, but yet not surprised at the article on the front of Friday, August edition of the Summerville Journal Scene, concerning reassessments. I have been trying to no avail for the past four years to have the appraised value of my home reduced to reflect fair market value. I have petitioned the county assessor and they keep responding that the value of the home has not changed in the past four years. If that was the case why would I have to wait for HARP 2.0 to finally refinance?
But, I was furious that county council would like to postpone the reassessment until it works to their money-grubbing advantage. Jay Byars is afraid of having to cut $10 million of our money from the budget (his personal funds?). Now we have news that reassessment will be postponed until 2015. We taxpayers have been budget cutting since the last presidential election. There are a lot of working folks, disabled individuals and retirees that have not had a raise or pay increase over the past several years, but county council wants more, heck even the school district thinks that Obama math works great and the county residents print money like Obama does. This is the same stuff that was being talked about in the song “Obama Man Can.”
Sorry folks, we actually have to work for it, or have worked for it. My employer doesn't let me work more hours to make up for not being awarded a raise in this tight economy so I have to do like so many other real people and have to tighten up and suck it up when groceries, utilities and auto fuel goes up.
I do have some respect for Council Chairman Larry Hargett for voting against the postponement. To paraphrase his statement that “property values have dropped 25 percent since then (2008) and it would mean another year of property owners paying taxes on the higher value.”
The rest of council wants to hide behind a new “$600,000 customized system,” where did that money come from? Why not utilize the current system until the “new” one is tested and ready to be placed into service. It appears the old one was doing a good enough job at overtaxing us, why improve it?
The other six council members like the fact that the citizens of this county are overpaying property taxes on values from 2008. Is it the restriction on how much they can increase the millage rate that bothers them? That was their response; they'll just have to increase the millage rate to rake in more of our cash.

Mark Pirkel
Henderson Rd

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