Actor Bill Murray has become somewhat of a walking meme in Charleston lately: crashing a couple’s engagement photos, giving advice at a bachelor’s party, posing with a baby.

Now a couple of Summervillians think he should head this way.

They’ve even got a Facebook page to try to catch his attention: “Bring Bill to Summerville.”

It all started when Brad Mallett, owner of Coastal Coffee Roasters, had some space open up on one of the walls of the coffee shop and asked April Aldrich if she’d like to display some of her art.

She had some pieces finished and ready to go, but at the last minute she thought it would be fun to paint famous people drinking coffee – in keeping with the coffee-shop theme.

She painted Gandhi drinking coffee, Stephen Hawking – whom she’s bumped into, literally, twice – drinking coffee.

And then she saw a Bill Murray sticker on someone’s car and was inspired to paint a portrait of Murray drinking coffee.

The painting went up on the wall and that should have been that.

But then a woman came into the café and had her picture taken next to the portrait.

“And then somebody else did it, and then somebody else did it,” Aldrich said.

And then, Mallett said, they started the Facebook page almost as a joke. But within a week almost 100 people had “liked” the page.

Now Mallett is starting to get his hopes up – he’d really like Murray to come to Summerville for the Veteran’s Day event that Coastal Coffee Roasters started a couple years ago.

But mostly, he said, they’re just having fun with it.

“We’re not looking to capitalize on Bill Murray,” he said.

This coffeehouse inside joke is just part of the overall community atmosphere of give-and-take and building each other up that Mallett said he tries to create.

“Yes, you want to make money at it. Absolutely you want to make money,” he said. “But you make money by the relationships you create.”