Fanfare for the Common Man: More from my Smart Phone

  • Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Iím sitting out by the lake enjoying some quiet time.
Not that I donít have enough quiet time of my own, seeing how I live alone and never turn on TV or the radio. I recently found out I longer need either TV or radio as I can now do that via my cell phone since Iíve downloaded these two new apps.
Pandora music and AT&T U-Verse Live TV, with these two apps I can now do everything on my cell phone. Oh yeah, and the ESPN app too, which is way too cool. Whenever I get updates my phone will go, ďDah-duh-duh, dah-duh-duh!Ē from my front pocket which is usually where I keep my phone.
I love it that the ESPN theme song emanates from my pants during random moments of a Saturday afternoon.
Always fun.
And now, even though I have a nice big 27-inch TV screen that is currently turned off, I can now watch this same TV from a screen the size of a business card. I canít wait. The football is the size of a bread crumb and Peyton Manning looks like Fearless Fly and I wonder how many of you know who or what is a Fearless Fly.
And here I was holding out for one of those 72-inch big screen TVs. Oh no, I want to watch TV on the smallest TV screen ever.
Iím still working on this Pandora thing. My son downloaded the Pandora app onto my phone last month. He also downloaded the ESPN app, Weather Underground and a couple more I havenít been able to get working yet.
Pandora is free radioÖ for my phone.
I thought thatís why I already had a radio but this makes radio and ever buying a music CD again obsolete.
All I have to do is pick an artist and I have instant music.
I can select from various genres of music or create a ďradioĒ station of just one particular artist, like the Beatles for instance.
I love the Beatles.
They are my favorite band.
They are beyond iconic.
I donít care that they just recorded 11 albums and something like 206 songs, they changed the world as far as music goes.
So I figure it wouldnít be hard to listen to a Pandora station with nothing but Beatles music on it.
Imagine my chagrin when after two Beatles songs my Pandora All-Beatles All the Time station suddenly plays a Queen song.
I like Queen, but this isnít a Queen station. Itís a Beatles station. All BeatlesÖ all the timeÖ that was the plan anyway. After the song by Queen I got something by Creedance Clearwater Revival, which again is a nice band, but theyíre not the Beatles and I want the Beatles.
I pressed the thumbs down Dislike button and received a message that Pandora had no more Beatles songs to upload.
Iím reminded that the Beatles no longer own the rights to most of their song library and all Iíd have to listen to on my All Beatles All the Time Pandora station would be remixes of Cirque de Soleil music and I donít care very much for those.
Now you understand why Iím sitting out here by the lake collecting my random thoughts.
I remain beyond perplexed at this most distressing development.
But while I have yet to master Pandora I am now able to watch TV from my phone.
Just imagine.
Free TV.
From my phone.
I will never leave the house again.

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