Time to step up

  • Thursday, January 17, 2013

 In one of the latest polls of Congress, the American people have them at a 9 percent approval rating, below Used Car Salesmen. Congress needs to stop playing politics and start doing their job, this goes for both political parties. Their first priority is to get reelected and everything else becomes secondary. Today’s Congress thinks compromise is a dirty work and should be used only as a last resort and at the midnight hour. They are willing to hold the American people hostage and destroy our national credit rating while they feed at the pork trough. We all agree that the national deficit is a cancer on our economic and social wellbeing as a nation and we must get it under control, We can all play the blame game but we need solutions.
Our Congress no longer does what’s good for the common cause and nation, but caters to their individual constituents, special interests and lobbyists. Our national deficit is not a state or district problem but a national crisis that needs a national solution. The best endorsement for term limits can be found under the dome in Washington D.C. n—Congress. Do our national legislators have the political courage to once again look beyond their districts and states and do what is best for all Americans? As citizens we need to also look at our financial priorities and learn to live within our means. Most of us could get rid of half of the stuff we have and be better off for it.
It’s time for our Congress to come together and put our citizens ahead of special interests and lobbyists. Until they get the job done, let’s put a freeze on their salary. Come on Congress, step up or get out.

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