Darren Sidney, MD

  • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Medical Degree
State University of New York at Brooklyn College of Medicine
Internal Medicine Residency at Georgetown Residency Hospital, Washington D.C.

“There has been a great deal of advancement in the field of electrophysiology over the last 10 years.”
- Darren Sidney, MD

Dr. Darren Sidney, with Charleston Heart Specialists, likes the satisfaction of solving a puzzle, and admits that’s part of what drew him to his profession. As an electrophysiologist – or electrician for the heart – he often finds himself tracking down the source of an irregular heartbeat. He also likes knowing that his work can make a difference. A defibrillator he implants might one day save the patient’s life by shocking the heart back into a steady rhythm. A pacemaker he puts in might bring immediate quality-of-life improvements to a patient with congestive heart failure. “Someone who can’t walk a block – all of the sudden they can walk 5-10 blocks.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Sidney, please call 843-576-0700.

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