What is Team Spirit??

  • Thursday, September 26, 2013

 I swore I was not going to start this letter with “back in my days” but the truth is, back in my days, there was absolutely no doubt that our team was in the house!! We were heard for miles at a football game. Not only did the cheerleaders leave with hoarse voices, but so did most people in the crowd that cheered our football players on.
While the full marching band played our fight song, we all stood, clapped, sang and had full support for our football players. It was our way to give our football team the respect they earned and deserved after practicing in the heat all summer to make us winners or at least try their hardest to make us winners. At the end of the day, it really didn't matter if we won or lost, what mattered is that the team played hard, the crowd was loud and we gave support to what we thought was #1!!!!
The cheerleaders weren't led by a cheerleading coach during a game, they were led by the spirit of the crowd that never stopped and it all started with the spirit of the Sertoma Football Classic and the Spirit Award. Who has that much spirit to win such an award???? Spirit for their team?
I believe it would be the loudest, the most supportive, the colors, the creativity in showing the love of our school and team is what counts, by just looking our way and hearing us of course!
Fast forward to today’s football team spirit. First I want to say, that Summerville High School was always so intriguing to me, not only because of the history of the football team, but because of the community involvement for the love of the school and team sports. There is nothing better than watching parents loving their kids so much that they wouldn't dare miss a game and a crowd that wouldn’t dare not to give full support to our team. Or do we?
The Sertoma was the beginning of disbelief for me. As I sat watching the clock tick without a cheerleader or the band in sight and watching the other schools overwhelming spirit, I began to feel for our boys in their sharp green and gold football uniforms. There seemed to be no thought in what it would be like when our great team made their initial entrance on the field for the new football season in front of so many other schools. No cheerleaders, no band, no streamers, no balloons, no posters. Nothing! So the announcer called our team and our boys ran out to the field so excited and proud representing the great Summerville High School. We cheered them on and then sat. That pretty much was it for the beginning of the game. Finally, the cheerleaders and the band arrived and it never really got any better. The cheerleaders, as cute as they are, and the spirit they tried so hard to promote was hardly even noticed. My thought, we were obviously too busy for the planning of this night or there must have been something going on.
After 3 games, very little has changed. So both of those thoughts have been ruled out.
Here's my perception:
The students are separated from the cheering crowd, hence, there is no cheering crowd at all now, except for our great band. (Notice that NO other school has their students separated from the cheerleaders and the band, so it's quite loud, on their side).
Cheerleaders are separated to each end of the field on home games. Why is that? Neither end is cheering because there are only adults and no students, so what's the point? Adults will cheer as long as their surroundings are cheering. Go to a college football game if there is any question!!
The "pep" band for out of town games is great, but what happened to the full band. What happened to half time performances from the cheering squad and/or band?
What happened to pompoms, noise makers, and wearing team colors?? All I hear is yelling at referees for bad calls. Of course, there's the cheerleaders doing another cheer that no one is paying attention to!!
Yes, time has changed and now I hear this, “Summerville High School is the Prima Donna's of Football and it’s just changed over the years”. I don't buy this!! Our team is what it’s all about and that hasn't changed. Our football players are young, working hard and deserve to hear the crowd roar for them. Past football players remember this sound I'm sure and I believe our players should have this memory and the feel of support as well. It's their time now and we should make it count. For them. For the cheerleaders and the band. For Summerville High School. For all of us!! Team Spirit is what we make it!!! Our green and gold deserves it all!!!
Gloria Wilson

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