Homeowners main beneficiary of ‘Yes’ vote

  • Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Homeowners main beneficiary of ‘Yes’ vote

To the Editor:

There has been much back and forth discussion about who benefits and who does not over the Local Option that is on the ballot November 5th. I’ve done the research and the math on my spending, and I just wanted to point a couple of things to correct the record.

As to whether middle class homeowners benefit, I’ve done some real math on my own household. I own a house assessed right at about $100,000 in the Town of Summerville (only property I own). I own a car assessed right at about $10,000.

My tax break will be about $128. Figuring in my spending, which is about $250 a week – only about $150 of it in Dorchester County as the other $100 is spent at Target or Wal-mart in Summerville (not in Dorchester County) or in North Charleston, where my job is – that leaves about $150 a week subject to the new tax. That would be $78 in a new sales tax I would pay. That leaves me with a net $50 tax cut. If I voted against this, I would be voting for higher taxes. So that’s why I’m voting yes on Tuesday.

Homeowners are the biggest beneficiary of voting yes. That cannot be disputed. A Summerville homeowner will receive a 17 percent property tax cut; a North Charleston homeowner will receive a 12 percent reduction; and even in the unincorporated part of Dorchester County, a homeowner will receive a 8 percent property tax cut. The reason for this is state law makes the property tax credit be determined based on assessable appraised value, not assessed value – so essentially, the assessment ratio (where homeowners are lower than businesses or industry) does not factor in.

Many of my friends routinely ask me why there are not more cooler places to eat or shop ‘in’ Summerville. I use the new Mellow Mushroom opening this week as an example. Why would Mellow have located ‘in’ Summerville and be forced to pay 22 percent more in property taxes for the same Summerville services then on the other side of the county line? If you want to get business downtown Summerville, vote yes.

I grew up in Dorchester County by the choice of my parents. Now, by a choice of my own, I’ve made Dorchester County my home as an adult.

We’re a great place to live – but we need to be a great place to work and shop and that starts by voting yes on November 5th.

Ryan Castle


Benefits of a Yes vote

To the Editor

I’ve read much of the back and forth and details of the local option property tax relief ballot measure up for vote on November 5th. To be honest, this measure will not benefit me as much as many others, as I live in the unincorporated county. But I’ll be voting ‘Yes’ because I believe the community as a whole will benefit. I see the long term gains and the philosophical approach to tax collection.

I work with businesses everyday on their financial issues, and I see how taxation can be a large consideration for where businesses decide to locate. I would love for Dorchester County businesses to have the same advantages of Charleston and Berkeley County Business. Dorchester County Businesses are currently disadvantaged. This is due to the other two counties already having local option property tax relief. We need to remove the hurdles to business development to allow more jobs and companies to grow in our county. High property taxes are one of those hurdles.

I am not a supporter of property taxes. Property ownership has nothing to do with one’s ability to pay, and it is driven by the government determining your value. In principal, I prefer a consumption based approach in which everyone, whether owning a business or not, helps contribute to paying for the services we all receive and enjoy.

This vote is pretty straight forward to me. A ‘Yes’ vote will reduce the hurdles that businesses face when locating in Dorchester County and help grow our economy and produce more jobs.

Matt Coakley

Legend Oaks


To the Editor:

This is one of the toughest letters I have written to the Editor , but thanks to my Christian friend Dick Miler’s letter in last week’s Journal-Scene, I am coming out of my closet on LOST.

I have hesitated for I know I will now be a black sheep with many of my fellow patriots who are so strong in their stance against it. I love my fellow conservatives and Fair Tax friends but believe the deck is stacked against taxes ever becoming fair. This L.O.S.T. I am voting YES to protect the property we have worked so hard for to keep us maintained during these retirement years . We have no other to way and if we don’t get some tax relief I fear we could lose it all with this TRANSFER OF THE WEALTH mentality going on in our country.

The taking away from those that HAVE to give to those to that WANT destroys ambition . Why do we pat ourselves on the back for not excepting millions of dollars in past sales taxes that would have helped our county and especially the schools , since we last voted it down in 1998 ? We wear that fact like a metal of honor and not the hype that it is with folks now comparing L.O.S.T. to a reversed Robin Hood or we’re greedy or dumb. We were all smart enough to vote for our councilmen who are all in favor of it [minus- Mr. YOU know Who] so why can’t we trust them on this ?

Were we stupid when we voted for them ?

If we wait another 14 years to bring this up for a vote it will be to late to matter. Property owners need relief NOW , and if you don’t believe me just look in last Wed. Journal- Scene listing over 1,570 list of delinquent tax/ folks subject to lose their property. I always look to make sure I am not on that list of shame or any of my loved ones. The folks that are NO voters on this would have you believe we are taking food out of non property owners mouths all the while nationally we have over 51 million on food stamps, the least they can pay is the taxes on their food!

It was reported that some are even selling their food stamps on Craig’s list. The relief the poor are receiving includes free or subdivide housing, free education to include free breakfast and lunch, free medical to include abortions, birth control , Medicaid , free cell phone and on and on. I say “where’s our relief ?”

The BEST thing about voting YES is we will be receiving monies from the rich via sales tax as well the middle class and the poor. The rich are the ones buying all those big ticketed items likes cars and boats and diamonds and electronics, etc.

Nov. 5th is a important day in Summerville as we go to the polls to vote and as the transfer of the wealth will be happening as well, via the Dorchester County Court House/ Master of Equity Sale/as 78 homes, will be sold to the highest bidder...if one of those happen to be yours you have all those wonderful people who voted against tax relief in 1998 to thank.

I pray you or I are never put in that position. I believe most of us seniors will be dead or too old to vote if we let this opportunity pass us by to vote for this TINY tax helper of our debt, that will be HUGE benefit of over EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS for our beloved Dorchester County. Its a hard pill to swallow , voting for it , but I sincerely believe it is the BEST way to go, considering the whole state of the economy Hope you will agree.... and Please vote YES, Nov.5th.

Sue George


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