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  • Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not a great day in SC

Dear Editor,

Can you please tell me what 1-800 number will help clean up the welcome sign to South Carolina on I-95 South? During the month of June, I was visiting in North Carolina and on my return I was confronted with the Welcome sign close to unreadable as it was blocked by the poor maintenance of the sign and its surrounding area. The vegetation around it showed that it was not being maintained. What about all the tire shred that lines the side of the road, and the deer carcasses in rot or semi-rot state? Who likes looking at Bambi’s neck or his big eyes? It is oh so disturbing.

And while on the 1-800 number subject…what 1-800 number will it take someone calling to help homeowners deal with so-called zone changes that allow major (and even not so major) industrial plants or companies to locate directly behind long-established residential dwellings, endangering health, home, person, and sanity. What happens when all of the waste and chemical residue filters into the homes of residents seeking the peaceful town they have grown to love; residents who have now grown older and have health issues, some of which are being exacerbated by the business of the plants and companies? The evenings in the backyard are no more as dust and business stench reign. What 1-800 number will connect me with the person or persons who can help homeowners when they are in conflict with people who own land next to their property but don’t do the upkeep of said property? What 1-800 number can homeowners use to get help with storm water fees? Is there not a regular crew that will automatically maintain it?

Respectfully yours,

Linda Haynes-Whetsell


Books to make you blush

Dear Editor,

Reading the controversy surrounding the Flowertown Players production of RENT, it occurred to me that Councilman Jenkins should not limit his focus to community theater.

Broaden your crusade, Councilman, broaden it!

And don’t just focus on city issues. It’s time to root out foul language and immorality in other publicly funded institutions. Look at the county. Look at the state.

Start with the Dorchester County Public Library.

There are 73 copies of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY in circulation, 58 of which are currently checked out.

That’s 72 more volumes in the library than the King James version of the Bible.

Yes, it’s popular. But what should that matter?

You want nasty language??? Ask the ladies at church. This book makes the language in RENT sound tamer than THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

They don’t call the book “Mommy Porn” for no reason. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is graphic in its depiction of You-Know-What.

If you try to get the book out of the library, some people will say. “Hey, bug off. If you don’t like the graphic language in the book, don’t check it out”.

But to that my late mother would have said, “Piffle!”

It’s the same silly argument they used for RENT, isn’t it?

So Councilman Jenkins, It’s time to jump on this nasty stuff like a pit bull on a squirrel. Chomp down on it. Shake it by the neck.

But if you bite too hard, don’t be surprised if some of those Mommies bite back and tell you to mind your own business.


Randy Guy


Crazy headlines

The Episcopalians heading to divorce court to divvy up- the property with the intruding de-sinning group . 225 years of ownership this should be a no -brainer . This new world order that’s bringing the world into mass confusion as the bombings in Israel continue, the FOIF rulings, kids being dropped off at our borders , Putin vs. Obama in the Ukraine plane bombing...

Not to worry though , we in Summerville will just build ourselves a huge, 66-room boutique hotel right in the most trafficked area in town! Have we not learnt anything with the $800K Teacherage property that sold in the $300,000s? Then there’s the parking garage that sat just about empty for years.

Walter Bailey and Bill McIntosh voted against the Hotel Development. This showed respect to taxpayers. Town folk suffering from farmers market , festival and parade traffic… beware ! Over-spending produces higher taxes that could result in loss. This is not healthy for our town or country. This is like MONOPOLY, we all like to buy up the Hotels but what happens when you land on …. GO TO JAIL or …BANKRUPT? The wiser bargain would be the rich in history, ample room, beautiful river at Ft. Dorchester. This property could be developed into a closely related Disney World/ Dorchester World, which would open up that end of our county compared to the Cedar Street fiasco crowding us all out ! Woodlands Resort offered to engage with the town making available their grand facilities for groups, weddings, banquets. The Reconnaissance Report cited lack of facilities causing groups now having to meet in churches. This is both positive, comfortable and saves us high commercial rates.

Now for my final headline “Committee holds off on Flowertown players funds” with a disrespectful plea to God to come out of the dark ages. Shame on him! This reminds me way back when the first cuss word was uttered via the movie Gone With The Wind. Not only did it shock America but the entire world made headlines because of the shocking cuss words Clark Gable uttered. I do appreciate our councilman Terry Jenkins’ commendable words of encouragement that this movie is not in line with our values and family atmosphere here in the flower town in the pines… THANK YOU TERRY! We need to keep all our councilmen in prayer least they forget who they are working for OR look forward too many more overcrowding, not wanted hotels to follow...and… become like most of the world already … “GONE WITH THE WIND.”

Thank You !

Sue George


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