• Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Editor

This letter is in response to past letters to the editor regarding an obvious contempt toward those who pursue a more scientifically based reasoning for how we got to where we are as Homo Sapiens.
In these letters there is talk of “Evolutionists” who attempt to ridicule God, although ridiculing God doesn’t strike me as their primary goal. It would seem to me that a lifelong scientific search dedicated to finding a viable answer to the Why’s and How’s of humanity’s condition may be closer to the truth. I am not writing here in order to quote scripture or Dawkins, for that matter, I will leave that to others more schooled in Teleology, Irreducible Complexity, Spontaneous Generation, Alvin Plantinga’s ideas, the Immutable Laws of Nature, and Creation based Theology.
I would only say that it can clearly be said that, “No one still abiding on this Earth knows or has empirical (meaning observation by the senses) understanding of how it all began. We as Christians believe or have faith in some form of intelligent design by God. Darwinists, believe or have faith in a scientifically and with limited empirical evidence, in a process of Natural Selection over 4 billion years of time, though the pieces of the puzzle continue to form a picture.
But the big question seems to be an eternal dividing point. What or who is the origin of it all? One side says, “A being of infinitely superior complexity came from nowhere that we know of and created it all from nothing.”
The other side says that a “Big Bang” of tremendous proportions occurred out of nowhere with nothing at just the right time and started it all off. Likewise one side says both men and women were created by God in his own image in order to be in eternal loving relationship with him. Also, the other says humans were a somewhat accidental result of lower life forms (organisms) evolving into our present state through natural selection.
Both Genesis and Origin of Life explanations fall abominably short, although we do know empirically that natural selection is still occurring. So in conclusion, where, how, and or who remains a mystery. No one was there.
On either side of the argument one axiom remains true…….you CAN believe something of this nature very strongly and still be WRONG. I imagine the instant we close our eyes for the last time, we will either see it all clearly or see nothing at all. As for me, I’m reminded of Genesis: 1 verse 2,” And the Spirit Of God Moved…”
So have a little faith in the unseen. In the words of St. Augustine, “Faith is to believe in what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe!”

K. Kenneth Weathers
1714 Central Ave.

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