The townís Board of Architectural Review voted Monday to approve a project that will marry the old to the new.

A circa 1820s barn, which sits adjacent to an existing home at 420 Carolina Ave., would serve as an attached garage for a proposed new 2,200-square-foot home.

Architect John Dumas presented the design on behalf of Jim Herring, who, along with his wife, hopes to sell the existing home and move into the new one.

The Herrings plan to subdivide their one-acre property into two separate half-acre lots with a shared driveway, Dumas said.

That way, Dumas said, it meets the Herringsí needs and allows them to stay on the property while also creating a use for the historic barn.

ìI want to preserve the barn,î Herring said. ìIíve spent a lot of money to keep it standing.î

Dumas first tried to create a design that would convert the barn into a home, but it wouldnít meet code as a house, he said.

The plan the BAR approved includes a design element that evokes a farm-like silo.

In other business, the board:

Approved a proposed bathroom addition at 504 W. Carolina Ave. but not a proposed design for a detached garage. The board asked the homeowner to consider relocating it in relation to the house and re-submit plans at a later date.

Approved signage at two Short Central businesses ó Core Essentials Pilates at 129 Central Ave. and The Ultimate Closet, a new high-end womenís clothing resale store, at 102 Central Ave.

Approved the addition of a large front porch, meant to recreate the ìSummerville cottage look,î at 117 Dorchester Ave.

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