Dear Editor,


Who said Summerville was a football town? Okay, just kidding Coach McKissick. Congratulations to the Summerville and Pinewood Prep boys for winning state championships. Thanks, to the Journal-Scene and Roger Lee for the great coverage all year long.

However, it is a disgrace that the local television networks didn't cover the Pinewood Prep vs. Porter-Gaud championship game. It was a great game, between two very good teams. We will see a couple of players from both teams playing division one college ball. One local network did apologize on the next day's sports broadcast. Their excuse was, "with all that was going on in the sports world they forgot about the Pinewood Prep game." How can you forget about a nationally ranked team like Pinewood Prep? How can the local network sport's spend all this time covering a Charleston team, but forget two top Lowcountry schools like Pinewood and Porter-Gaud?

ETV use to show the state football championship games, but they stopped. ETV said it was because of lack of sponsorship. In this day and age of cable television and with the interest in high school sports, I don't see any reason why somebody doesn't show the state high school championships on television. I would humbly ask that the state high school league actively seek somebody to broadcast the football and basketball championships on television.

Jamie Birdsong