Bar fight apparently sparked by creative insult

A 29-year-old Summerville man was trying to resolve a dispute over his tab at a Trolley Road restaurant March 17 when a group of men at the bar began calling him names, a Summerville police report shows.

In response, he told one group member that he "looked like an American Idol reject," the report states. The so-called "reject" stood up from his seat, confronted the man and said, "looks like six against one," before he allegedly hit him in the back of the head with a beer bottle, according to police.

The victim said once he was on the floor, he was hit  numerous times in the head and upper body. The reporting officer noted a bruise on the back left side of the victim's head, abrasions on the back right side of his head and his ribs and scratches and cuts on his hands and arms.

After declining EMS treatment, the victim told police he wanted to press charges if his attacker is identified.

Two years and $18K later ó car still not fixed

A Charleston man claims that more than two years after he made an agreement with a Summerville body shop owner to refinish his 1949 Ford Mercury for $26,000, the car is in worse shape and he's out $18,000, a Dorchester County Sheriff's Office report shows.

The car's owner told police he wrote the suspect a check for $13,000 and, after the suspect asked for more money three months later, a second check in the amount of $5,000, the report states.

But according to the owner, after he tracked down the suspect's body shop, which he reportedly moved to Bamberg,  and retrieved his car, it was in worse shape than when he gave it to him, the report shows.

The reporting deputy issued the owner a case number and a victim's form.

Torched toilet

Sheriff's deputies responded to a home construction site in unincorporated Summerville where a port-a-potty had been burned to the ground, a report shows.

The complainant said the incident likely occurred some time between 5 p.m. on March 7 ó when the construction crew left the job site ó and 8 a.m. on March 10 when they returned and found the burned port-a-potty.

The complainant said he has also had a problem with someone shooting nearby houses with paintballs, the report states.

Guitar antihero

On March 15, an unknown white male, between the ages of 25 and 40, entered Summerville Music Center on Dorchester Road, grabbed a bass guitar off the wall and ran out of the store, a Summerville police report shows.

The suspect got into an older model blue Chevy S-10 blazer and sped away, turning right on Dorchester Road, according to the report.

The stolen guitar is a four-string Godin model, transparent in color with a blue tint, the report states.

Fire extinguishers stolen from parking garage

Plagued by vandalism since it opened last November, the Town of Summerville's parking garage was targeted yet again March 17 when four of its fire extinguishers were stolen from their lock boxes, a Summerville police report shows.

The theft of the extinguishers was discovered during a routine property check of the structure. No other damage was noted, according to the report.

At a glance: Summerville police statistics for February

During the month of February, the Summerville Police Department answered 10,808 calls for service ó up from 6,366 in February 2007 ó resulting in 161 arrests.

The traffic unit investigated 160 traffic collisions resulting in no deaths, 53 injuries and $529,020 in total property damage.

Narcotics investigators executed five search warrants and made eight arrests resulting in 23 charges. They seized more than 9,000 gross grams of marijuana, 258.3 gross grams of cocaine, 87.7 gross grams of cocaine base (crack cocaine) and 0.1 gross grams of methamphetamine.

Thirty officers, dispatchers and civilian employees attended 10 classes on 10 topics ó ranging from advanced blood pattern analysis to policy and procedure review ó totaling 910 hours of in-service and advanced training.

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