Not a campground

An officer responded to a call about a wanted person loitering near the Curiosity Barn on Dorchester Road in Summerville. When he arrived, the officer saw that the building was vacant. Upon further investigation, he found open windows so he shined a light into the interior and soon saw someone hiding in the shadows. As soon as the subject saw the light, he ducked toward the floor.

The officer also noticed a small controlled fire inside the building.

Other officers arrived and ordered the subject out of the building but got no response. The officers then went into the building but the subject was gone; they surmised he escaped through one of the open windows.

While inside, officers found that the subject had made himself at home; they found what appeared to be a makeshift bedroom, complete with mattress on the floor and a table nearby that doubled as a makeshift fireplace.

Meanwhile two officers made contact with a suspicious character not too far away. They detained him and he readily admitted that he was the person in the building. A warrants check came back positive and he was transported to Dorchester County Detention Center.

The building will be demolished.


The owner of the Pan Buffet restaurant in Ladson reported that someone broke into the business by smashing a window that was facing away from the street. Once inside, the subject(s) pried open a cash register and a file cabinet and stole $500 cash. They did more than $1,000in damage getting into the building.

The owner was unable to list the denominations of cash that were missing, only that some $500 was gone.


A St. George man reported that someone tried to start a fight with him. He said he was picking up a friend at a residence in Harleyville when the subject came out of that residence and tried to start a fight with him. The victim said he got back into his car and the subject followed him, reached through the driver’s side window and hit him in the chin and neck and ripped his shirt, then pointed a pistol at him. The subject then hit the victim’s brother and pointed the gun at him as well.

The victim’s brother got his girlfriend out of the residence and the three of them left the scene and called the sheriff’s office.