Every year there is a different theme for the Annual Summerville Christmas Parade as DREAM tries to find something new, different and topical.  Last year’s parade honored the servicemen and women that were overseas missing the Holidays with a “Patriotic Christmas” theme. With WLCN’s help the parade was filmed and sent out to servicemen by families who notified DREAM that they would like to have a copy of the parade.  

This year Summerville DREAM and the Summerville Fire Department are taking on another theme that is a hot topic in today’s world.  It is DREAMIN’ of a GREEN Christmas—Recycle, Reuse, Renew.  Show how clever you can be in designing an eco–friendly float. All participants are encouraged to use recycled and reused materials in the construction of their floats. The “Green” Christmas theme for the 2011 parade is to inform, educate and encourage the public to get involved in saving the environment. The Town of Summerville’s new trash and recycling contractor, Waste Pro, will serve as the title sponsor for the parade. They were pleased to join the community event when they learned of this year’s parade theme “We are very happy to support Summerville DREAM and the Christmas parade is a great way to introduce ourselves and Summerville’s new recycling program which begins January 1st,” said Mike Brucker of WastePro.

This year’s Annual Christmas Parade is scheduled for Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. Businesses, civic groups, churches, schools, bands and children’s scouting and sports teams are encouraged to participate.  The registration forms are ready for disbursement and the deadline for entry will be Friday, December 2, 2011. Registration packets are available from the Summerville DREAM office at 218 S. Main Street (the First Citizens Bank Bldg on the second floor). Call (843) 821-7260 to request one, email info@summervilledream.org or go to the Summerville DREAM website at www.summervilledream.org/events.