Edisto Indians host annual cultural event

Cooler weather and the constant threat of rain didn't dampen spirits at the Edisto Indian Cultural Festival held this weekend at the Exchange Park on Highway 78.

Native Americans from as far away as the Navajo Nation in Arizona took part in the powwow which continues to grow in popularity every year.

In addition to serving as a venue for renewing old friendships and establishing new ones, the festival is a celebration of the culture and dance of Native Americans.

Participation stretched across tribes and generations as young and old alike competed in numerous dance competitions.

Beautifully haunting voices and drum rhythms filled the air as the arena filled with colorful dancers performing their own interpretations of their tribal dances.

Throughout the day, Master of Ceremonies Ray Silva explained the meaning of the various dances and traditions to members of the audience as a means of educating them in the ways of the Native American culture.

There was also plenty of food on hand as well as traditional Native American wares offered by vendors who were invited by the Edisto tribe to participate in the event.

With the exception of a few sprinkles, the weather held for what seemed like a huge family reunion.

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