The Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed Molly and Don Willard, owners of the innovative educational enrichment center FasTracKids of Summerville, located at 4340-B Ladson Road at their recent Grand Opening.

FasTracKids of Summerville utilizes a unique program of educational enrichment to stimulate a child's brain during this important time of his or her development. Through creative teaching methods, this program covers 12 subject areas to inspire the knowledge base of three- to eight- year-old children. During one two-hour class per week for 24 months, children are taught to focus, speak with confidence, and use their creative brain.  They learn reasoning skills, the ability to transfer knowledge, and ways to work and communicate with others.

The FasTracKids Enrichment Program is modular, and class topics range from traditional (astronomy, biology, literature, earth sciences, economics, and mathematics) to subjects previously nontraditional to this age group (communication; creativity; goals and life lessons; speech, drama, and art; and technology). The curriculum is taught using an educational "zigzagging" format where teachers strategically change subject matter every two to three minutes, which has been proven to retain the attention of children for a longer period of time.

Children attending a FasTracKids Enrichment Center class learn through hands-on experimentation, live report presentations, guided discussions, and role playing - all creating a highly interactive atmosphere. Students give videotaped presentations that teach them to communicate in full sentences, think before speaking, plan their thoughts, and increase their vocabulary.

The Summerville FasTracKids Enrichment Center also offers additional programs. FasTrack Tots is a one-hour per week version of the FasTracKids Core Enrichment Program that is highly interactive with songs, experiments, and hands-on activities. The class develops concentration, communication, self-esteem, and social skills for children ages two and a half to three and a half years.

FasTrack Signing, is a proven method to teach baby signing using American Sign Language. FasTrack Signing play classes are designed for parents or caregivers and their hearing infants and toddlers, ages six months to two years.  he classes use play and song to teach little ones how to use their hands to communicate well before their verbal skills have developed. Participants attend a one-hour parent/child class for 10 weeks.

Centered around storytelling, imaginative play, movement, and singing. FasTrack Music is a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to the creative world of music. It integrates songs, movement, rhythms, and instrument play to help develop phonetic awareness and early reading skills, improve hand-eye coordination and direction-following skills, strengthen fine motor skills, and develop vocal chords and expressive speech.

For more information, please contact Don or Molly Willard at (843) 871-3898.