Filmmakers use town as backdrop

From left: Actor R.W. Smith, writer and co-director Travis Hollifield and co-director Ed Tilden prepare a scene for their movie Friday on Main Street.<br />

‘My Sister Sam’ scenes shot in Summerville Friday

People passing through Main Street may have caught a glimpse of a movie being filmed Friday on the sidewalk between Richardson and Doty avenues.

A Charleston-based crew that includes producer Barret Burlage, writer and co-director Travis Hollifield, co-director Ed Tilden and production designer Bruce Williamson is making the independent film.

“My Sister Sam,” is a story about kids who no longer want to be orphans, Hollifield says.

“It’s a heartwarming story of a brother sacrificing his freedom for his younger sister,” he said.

Although it rained Friday, the weather worked to the film’s advantage because the parts being filmed were a kind of dreary part of the story, Hollifield says.

The movie is being shot on Super 16 millimeter film.

A number of assistants on the set were film students from Trident Technical College, such as Oren Malik.

The Main Street scene was shot in front of Treasure Box Collections Art & Framing Gallery at 121 S. Main St.

Another scene was filmed in the Journal Scene parking lot. Other scenes will be filmed in North Charleston and Walterboro.

The filmmakers have not set a release date.