HAVE YOU MET Summerville O-lineman Chandler Farrell

Former Green Wave standout Chandler Farrell is now on scholarship at the University of South Carolina.

Chandler Farrell is normally the first off the ball and the first to know if he didn’t do so well on a test.

Farrell has been a football player since he was 10. After Rec ball he played for DuBose Middle School for a season before joining the Green Wave B-team his eighth-grade year. As a freshman he played for the Summerville High School JV team and last year he was the starting center for the Green Wave varsity.

“Center is the only position I’ve ever played,” he said. “No one ever asked me to move and I’m fine right there. I like being the first off the ball, the first one to fight.

“Plus, it’s hard to jump off sides when you are the one controlling the snap.”

Farrell was named to the High School Sports Report All-Rookie team last season. This year his goals include making the All-Region team and helping the Green Wave make a deep playoff run.

“I’m just trying to work to get better and trying to help my team get better,” he said. “Up front tempo is going to be key for us. We have a lot of big guys who better be conditioned because we are going to need to be able to move.

“There is going to be a lot of run blocking this year so we need to get ready for it.”

He was a first baseman for the Green Wave baseball program but he gave up baseball to focus on football and his grades. The rising junior is an honors student.

“It’s hard enough to come out here four days a week and put the work in but it’s even harder to maintain a 4.5 GPA and do that,” he said.

As if the pressure of being a student athlete weren’t enough, Farrell also has the pressure of being the son of SHS Principal Kenny Farrell.

“I get asked about that a lot,” he said. “The only difference really is I know what I make on a test just about before anyone else. If I do poorly an announcement comes over the intercom: ‘Chandler Farrell please report to the principal’s office.’ Then I know I probably should have studied a little harder for that one.

“He stays on me about my grades and pushes me but in the end it is a good thing.”

The athlete is also a music lover who is trained in piano, drums and guitar.

“I guess that’s my thing,” he said. “Anything suits me. I don’t really have a favorite genre.”

Farrell is hoping to draw some interest from college football scouts over the next two seasons but even if he doesn’t he plans to attend college.

“I would like to be an orthopedic surgeon,” he said. “That would allow me to stay around the game.”

Chandler’s Favs

Favorite Sport to Watch: Football

Favorite Movie or Book: Steve Jobs

Favorite Group or Musician: Ed Sheeran

Favorite TV Show: Lost

Favorite Class or Subject: History