Two North Charleston residential developments were granted sewer by Dorchester County last week.

County Council agreed in a five to two vote to allow McKewn Plantation and Palmetto Park Apartments to tap into the sewer system.

Councilmen Jamie Feltner and Richard Rosebrock voted against the measure.

While the county has a moratorium on approving new residential development, North Charleston has approval jurisdiction in a large chunk of the Dorchester Road corridor despite the county having to provide the area with sewer service.

McKewn Plantationís approval was for the 47 homes in phase 13 of the project located off the newly completed Patriotís Parkway, which runs parallel to Dorchester Road.

Palmetto Park Apartments is a 209-unit facility on Park Forest Parkway in the vicinity of the Ashley Phosphate Road and Dorchester Road intersection.

Rosebrockís concerns were for some of the same reasons heís been opposed to the county approving new residential development.

ìItís going to be more impact on schools and on our sewer capacity,î Rosebrock said.

County Administrator Jason Ward advised council that their wastewater treatment facility has capacity to handle the flow. What the county has been dealing with is a lack of transmission capacity in certain pump stations, none that would be affected by these developments.

Some council members believe if the county turns down sewer access to these developments, another provider would petition the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments to change the jurisdictional lines.

ìTheyíre going to get sewer from somewhere, it might as well be us,î Chairman Larry Hargett said.

Councilman Mike Murphree didnít understand why the county wouldnít want the revenue from the sewer projects.

ìDo we want [$18,800] worth of revenue,î Murphree asked alluding the tap fees that would be collected from McKewn Plantation.

The county has two outstanding sewer debts from bonds issued in 2003 and 2007. The countyís water and sewer rates and impact fees are based upon getting 800 new customers a year to make the bond payments.

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