‘Intercepting Air’ at Art Central Gallery

Photos Provided “Being Together” by Yvonne Rousseau

Art Central Gallery is offering “Intercepting Light,” the new exhibit by artist and co-owner Yvonne Rousseau. \

In this exhibit, the artist offers a variety of light and shadow relationships painted in several styles.

“I find it mesmerizing the way light intercepts an object, because the result creates compelling shadows. It is an awesome challenge in every painting to make the meeting of the two interesting. A form cannot exist on canvas without this merger. Light and shadow coexist,” says Rousseau.

Life and painting are synonymous in that for both to be successful, some of the requirements are: focus, direction, awareness and evaluation. We must be able to focus on what is beyond the shadows, direct our energy to what we see as most important in the light, have awareness and flexibility when there is a need for change, and make evaluations of our progress by stepping back frequently to be sure our perspective is in order.

As we mature we learn that the time spent in shadows is as important as the time spent in light, and we appreciate where are because of where we have been.

Meet Yvonne Rousseau at Art Central Gallery on Third Thursday and see more of her work at http://www.artcgalleryltd.com/