Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank everyone who helped make this yearís Frances Willis SPCA Oyster Roast a huge success. I wish I had the memory or space to list you all individually but I know it isn't possible.

Instead, I would simply like to offer the following: Every year our shelter takes every animal that needs a home. We do not have the luxury of being selective, or turning away animals that we don't think we can adopt. We take them all. Cute and fluffy, neglected and abused, abandoned or just lost ñ they all have a place in our facility; however, opening our doors and hearts to every animal in need is costly both financially and emotionally. We know we can't save them all but we refuse to stop trying. And that is where we owe our thanks to you.

To every sponsor, volunteer, silent auction donor, attendee, and board member who helped with our annual Oyster Roast ñ thank you. Your efforts, whether large or small, helped us to have our most successful Oyster Roast to date. It does not matter whether you simply bought a ticket and enjoyed the event, bought an item without your spouse's

approval from the silent auction, or scrapped together money during tough financial times to become a sponsor ñ everyone made it happen.

Anyone in attendance will attest that the event was fantastic and that it took everyone coming together for a great cause to make it that way. I simply can't thank you enough ñ many tails are wagging because of you.

Preparations are already under way for next year and we look forward to your continued support. Thanks again Summerville for your support of the Frances R. Willis SPCA.

J.J. Messervy

President, Frances Willis SPCA