Dear Editor,

One has to appreciate the calm, methodical, fact based way that Sue Wehman responded to the current debates over the financial responsibility of the current downturn in the residential construction business. I would hope that she does not receive the kind of verbal assassination others have gone through that offered a difference of opinion.

This downturn was predicted by Wall Street over two years ago as stocks for large development companies and suppliers started to slip. If they were awake and paying attention, those deriving their income from that industry should have started planning for coping with that reality. It happened everywhere else long before it hit here and we are not recession proof. In is indeed unfortunate that there are many who will be unemployed if the market condition worsens, but it has nothing to do with Town and County plans to try to regulate and properly control growth. The local builder/developer that recently filed for protection under the bankruptcy laws has hurt a lot of workers and sub-contractors too, but you canít blame that on measures trying to regulate growth. It was more likely refusal to accept reality.

I must however take exception to Jack Prattís accusations and attempt at personal assassination just because I disagreed with him. I did not make any personal remarks, statements or accusations, but rather gave an opposing view based on history and fact, yet this brought wild accusations, statements and even a threat against myself and two others who also responded to him. I feel it necessary to respond to his charges.

I donít think that anyone has asked the out of work construction workers to solve the infrastructure deficiencies that we have. The shortage we have in the infrastructure is because proper impact fees, permits or whatever you want to call them, were not in place to attach the financial burden that each new home creates, to that home, so that everybody else doesnít have to pick up this deficiency. We were producing and selling artificially low cost homes. If the impact of adding one more home to the sewer system is $3000.000, what do you suppose the financial impact of schools, fire departments, police departments, libraries and parks would amount to? Twenty dollars a square foot, or about $40,000 for a 2000 square foot home would probably be more realistic, but do we have any politicians strong enough to stand behind something that strong?

What I write is also my opinion and I feel that I am entitled to that even if it disagrees with your point of view. And donít threaten me with your pit bull manners.

  You just admitted that you know what the problem is. ìMarket forces control the market,î but all of this as well as items 4 & 6 have nothing to do with me, so why is my name attached to this?

  I only own 10 acres of land, 8 of which is wetlands, so why are you tying my name to your libelous statement?

Once again under a heading with my name on it you have made a wild statement.

I have ideas and suggestions for solutions to these problems, but fortunately or possibly unfortunately, it is not my place to make these decisions, and I doubt if you would listen to any that didnít fall in line with your beliefs anyway.

I disagreed with the opinions expressed in the letter and only mentioned Mr. Prattís name to identify the article and made no personal attacks or accusations and I donít feel that anyone has the right to personally attack me or threaten me just because I have a different opinion that is based on fact. This whole back and forth bickering and accusing is really very petty, and I am indeed sorry if it upsets outsiders who have had to endure this public bickering, but I will close with one bit of advice for Mr. Pratt. Before you publicly make wild accusations and threats of physical reprisals in the future, I suggest that you consider putting a cover on your keyboard before you get yourself in more hot water than you can swim out of. Your pit bull remark could get a lot of people upset,

John Disher