Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you recommend some good resources for finding interesting employment opportunities after retirement? I want, and need to do some type of work after I retire next year but Iím not sure what. What can you tell me?

Retiring Boomer

Dear Boomer,

The financial strains of retirement and the reality that 20 or more years of total leisure may not be all that satisfying is drawing millions of retirees back into the workforce, and is shaping the retirement views of many baby boomers. Hereís what you should know.

New Trend

Recent surveys show that more than three-quarters of baby boomers plan to work after retirement, but many want to change careers, and only about 5 percent want to work full time. Whatever your reasons for working longer ñ you need the money, or you just want to stay active and involved ñ the benefits can be significant. Researchers have found that people who work (at least a few hours a week) during their retirement years live healthier and longer than those who donít. And by working just a few extra years, you can make a huge difference in your retirement nest egg.  

What to Do?

Looking for interesting and rewarding work opportunities after retirement but arenít sure what to look for? Here are some resources that can help you find your niche and maybe even a job to boot:

Career One-Stop Centers: There are more than 3,000 career centers located around the country that provide free resources and services to help people plan their next career, locate training, find a new job and much more. To find a center near you call 877-348-0502 or go to

The Next Chapter: This is an outreach initiative that offers programs in dozens of communities nationwide to help people nearing retirement figure out whatís next. Visit - click on ìDirectory.î

My Next Phase ( A retirement counseling firm that provides a personality test as well as coaching, seminars and Web-based programs to help retirees find their passions.

Vocation Vacation ( This is a company that lets you test-drive different careers that interest you by matching you up with existing businesses. They currently offer two and three day immersions in more than 125 unique careers, through around 300 expert mentors.

Career counseling: Another option is to see a certified career counselor. These are trained professionals that can help you clarify your interest, abilities and goals. You can find a counselor at

Online Resources

Whatever your working interest ñ full-time, part-time, temporary or seasonal ñ there are a variety of free online employment networks that can connect you with companies that are interested in hiring older workers. Here are some good ones to check out: A job-search site that offers job seekers (age 50 and older) access to thousands of U.S. based jobs from businesses that actively recruit and hire older workers and retirees. Another job-search site that brings together mature workers with companies who seek them. You can also post your resume online for companies to find you. A job-listings and resume posting site for older workers and retirees.

Employment Network for Retired Government Experts ( Matches retired government employees with private companies seeking to fill contract jobs in all kinds of fields. You post your resume on their site where a large pool of potential employers can review it and contact you if interested. An online recruitment firm that hires retired scientists, engineers and product developers and connects them with companies that need contract employees for projects. A national, nonprofit organization that offers training, employment, and community service opportunities for lower-income seniors.

Start a business

If youíre interested in starting your own business but need some help getting started turn to the U.S. Small Business Administration. They offer tips, tools and free online courses you can access at Also see, a company that (for a fee) provides materials, coaching and training to people over age 50 who want to strike out on their own. And visit for free business advice for entrepreneurs.

Savvy Tip: AARP also offers an excellent resource for choosing a career and job-searching at

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