Who would think turkeys had anything to do with fitness?  At Beech Hill Elementary, the Fit Club "trots" to develop good fitness habits.

Over 50 students participated in Beech Hill's Fit Club.  Students met for 8 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to improve their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.  Teachers, Eric Seitz, Chad Counts, and Anne O'Sullivan guided students to set personal fitness goals and improve their aerobic capacity with each run.

Activities included stretching both before and after exercise, beginning slowly and building up to more strenuous activities.

The mental aspect of exercise was also included in the club's activities, encouraging the students to press on even if they wanted to quit.  A little encouragement and a kind word went a long way towards getting the students to continue.  Their motto became, "Do your best and don't give up!"  Linking the good habit of finishing the exercise activity and finishing homework was also a goal of the club.

Fit Club participants had a culminating event with the Turkey Trot on Nov. 15.  Students and parents completed a one-mile cross-country run around Beech Hill's campus.  Corbin Fuller was the winner with a time of 6:59.  Cameron SanPedro finished with a time of 7:04 with Chase Byars close behind with 7:06.  Max Wunsche was the fourth student to finish with 7:21.