Woman calls 911, pretends to order pizza, to report rape

Photo provided Michael S. Easterling

A Summerville man has been arrested on burglary and sexual assault charges after a woman called 911 and pretended to order a pizza so he wouldn’t know she was calling for help.

Michael S. Easterling, 41, of Summerville, is in the Dorchester County Detention Center charged with assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct and first degree burglary in connection with an incident that occurred Sept. 21.

According to a Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a 33-year-old woman called 911 a little after 10:30 p.m. Dispatch reported hearing a male and female arguing, then the female got on the phone and pretended to order a pizza, giving an address, then said a male subject was actively sexually assaulting her.

Two deputies arrived at the house, drew weapons, entered the residence and found a male, later identified as Easterling, on top of a female in the living room, according to the report. The deputies ordered the subject to ground and detained him in handcuffs.

The victim, who appeared “in complete shock,” “visibly shaken,” and was crying, told deputies she had been cutting her grass earlier in the day and drinking wine and the subject walked up and introduced himself, saying he was the uncle of another male who rents a room from the victim. The victim said they were making small talk when the subject started telling her how beautiful she was and attempted to kiss her. She turned him away and went inside the residence to lie down, assuming he had left the area, according to the report.

A little while later, he appeared in her bedroom and lay down beside her and attempted to touch her, she told deputies; at one point her dog bit him, enraging him, and he became violent and demanded she take the dog to another room. That was when she called 911, she said, according to the report. She then went into the living room and sat in a chair, according to the report.

She said the subject came into the room and assaulted her again while she was in the chair, pulling her hair and choking her with a lanyard from which her keys were hanging, according to the report.

Deputies spoke with Easterling briefly; they found his story inconsistent. According to the report, he stated that his wife had dropped him off at the victim’s house earlier and that he was watching the football game with his nephew before he walked next door and saw the victim cutting her grass.

According to a SLED Arrest Record Check, Easterling has arrests dating back to 1990, including three for Criminal Domestic Violence.

Easterling was transported to the Dorchester County Detention Center in St. George. He was denied bond by a county magistrate and remains in the detention center, according to DCSO officials.