Editor's note: This is the first offering of a new column on fitness from the YMCA. The column, like the "Y," is aimed at families and individuals striving for better health

The YMCA organization has been dedicated to wellness and spiritual development throughout our long 156-year history. That commitment to health and well-being has recently taken on a new sense of urgency because of our country's severe health crisis, a crisis brought about by many factors. The most evident being physical inactivity and unhealthy eating, both of which are within our control. Solutions to this crisis include making better choices in our daily lives to encountering healthier options in our schools, workplaces and communities, from physical education in schools to walkways and parks in our communities. At the Summerville Family YMCA, we want to help with lifestyle changes in both individuals and with our community. A perfect time to begin is now!

Whether you're someone who plays soccer twice a week, is part of an aerobics class or is coming through our doors for the first time looking for help in making some life changes, the YMCA can provide the support and activities appropriate to help you set and reach your goals. If you are already involved with the Summerville Family YMCA, and are looking for something more, your YMCA staff is prepared to listen and learn about your wants, needs and interests and to support the changes you want to make. And if there's someone in your life who could use help getting started toward a healthier future, suggest that he or she talk with a YMCA staff member or volunteer, where health and well-being for all is central to our mission:

To be a community cornerstone that puts Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Call for more information today at 871-9622.

Liz Graham is the Marketing and Human Resources Director for the Summerville Family YMCA.