Fishing theft

Police in Summerville were called about a larceny on Sept. 24and responded to the Ladson boat landing to investigate. The incident report stated police made contact with a man in wet clothing, who said he was fishing on the dock.

Police were told he was standing bent over the railing adjusting his fishing pole when an unknown individual came up from behind and pushed him into the Ashley River.

The man said two bystanders came over and helped him out of the river. After helping him, they said they saw what they believed was a male wearing a grey hoodie and blue jeans running from the dock toward a trail. Officers then began to search the area. The man said he walked to the dock where his purple lawn chair was, which had his brown leather wallet in the cup holder, and he noticed the wallet was missing. The wallet contained cash, credit cards and identification. Police said the bystanders had already left the area. There were no arrests at the time of the report.

Theft call

On Sept. 29, police in Summerville responded to BJ’s Wholesale Club in reference to a theft that occurred. Police said they met with the complainant, who stated an unknown male subject, entered the store, obtained a flat utility pushcart and proceeded to the area where computers are held for sale. The incident report states the suspect then loaded three Hewlett Packard desktop computers onto the cart. After that, police said, he walked at a brisk pace through the sliding exit doors, past the point of sale registers. The theft was a total loss of $2039. Police were told the exit doors are normally posted with an employee, however at the time of the shoplifting, the employee was behind a nearby desk and was unable to challenge the individual.

She walked out of the doors behind the subject, but was unable to obtain a vehicle description. No arrests were made at the time of the report.

Solicitation of prostitution

Members of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office, as well as members of the Goose Creek Police Department announced on Oct. 4 that they conducted an investigation in to reference to solicitation of prostitution in the Goose Creek area of Berkley County. During the investigation, 12 subjects were found to be soliciting prostitutes for an unlawful transaction in exchange for drugs and money. The charges include solicitation of prostitution, possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and resisting arrest.

Suspicious activity

Police were called to a home in Summerville on Sept. 24, regarding an information report. The complainant told police he received a few photos of mutilated human corpses of Latino descent. The complainant also added there was an additional text message stating his cooperation will be required, otherwise cartel will do some things to him.

Police said they observed the pictures, which appeared to be copied and pasted from a known website.

The complainant told police he did not know who sent to pictures and he had no dealings with anyone involved in drug cartels or any other illegal enterprise.