The Story

Not much of one.

Upon making the transition from the college dorm to an apartment and losing the convenience of a meal plan and all the campus restaurants within walking distance, I had to learn how to cook some basic meals. Chili was one of the first.

I started by asking my mom, whose cooking genes unfortunately were not passed down, how she made chili because I had grown fond of the dish over the years. The first few times I made chili I followed her recipe "to the T" but I quickly started cutting corners to save time or a trip to the grocery store or whatever and eventually I lost the recipe.

After college I started “perfecting” the process. It wasn’t until after I was divorced and again having to do more cooking that I stumbled upon the Bush’s brand of chili starters that I think provides the taste that completes the recipe.

It’s simple; it’s quick; and it is tasty enough for me!

The recipe

Bachelor Chili

Ingredients: 1 pound ground round, 1 can diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and oregano, 12 ounce bottle of Miller Lite, garlic powder, pepper, slice of cheese

**key ingredient Bush's chili magic chili starter mild beans (chili beans, sauce, and seasonings) or if you can find it Bush’s New Orleans chili starter

Brown beef in a pan and drain grease.

Combine meat, beer, chili starter and tomatoes in a pot.

Add garlic powder and pepper (just eyeball it but more than 10 shakes of a 9 oz. container of garlic powder and 3 oz. container of pepper may be risky)

Bring to a boil, then simmer for 10-15 minutes (The alcohol from the beer will evaporate when boiling … So maybe have a couple of cold bottles on standby)

Remember to stir occasionally before a crust forms on the bottom!

Pour into bowls and top with whatever cheese is in the fridge (Monterey jack or sharp cheddar both come highly recommended)

Options for extra kick, but more sodium: substitute garlic salt for garlic powder and dark beer for the Lite. Also top with Chili-Cheese Fritos.