Lowcountry Rapid Transit

Members of the public could write in suggestions on the smartboards for the planners of the Lowcountry Rapid Transit to review

The Lowcountry Rapid Transit was presented to the public at Northwoods Mall on Thursday June 20th.

The meeting featured interactive smartboards and video presentations as well as a box for written suggestions.

Community input has been an important part of the meeting. The smartboard had an interactive map in which visitors could write or draw in suggestions. The suggestions and things written and drawn on the map are now going to be reviewed by the board to see the suggestions of the public and those who will be using the rapid transit.

Architects of the stations were also available to the public to answer questions and present designs for the stations.

Architect Todd Case said that there were several factors that went into the design of the stations. There are three categories that the public wanted for the stations, culture, lifestyle, and nature. Case said that the main goal is to make the stations presentable and easy to maintain.

“Its not a standard bus station,” Case explained.

Sharon Hollis, principal planner for the COG, said that the planned route will have buses running from 4am-2am. She said that the buses will run every ten minutes at peak traffic hours. The buses will not be run as frequently during the very early morning and at night. Hollis said that it would most likely be run hourly.

Hollis said that the beginning of the line is currently going to be in either Nexton or in downtown Summerville. Hollis said that the planners are currently seeking input from the community to decide where to put the start of the line.

Hollis also said that there are other factors that could play into the placement of the stations. One of which includes the amount of use that the station will get in a particular location. Such as the amount of households with no car near the prospective location.