On Saturday it would have been 62 years.

When Jim and I married in 1957 I never thought of counting those years. Time was just part of the vow: “Till death do us part.” And that has come to pass. But it has been – in every way – a good, long run!

I have been – and still am – very blessed with our four children and six grands. My wonderfully supportive family and special friends help “keep me going.” One of the most powerful written allies for me is this Compassionate poem used at my church, St. John the Beloved. I review it every day – and it works for me every day.

If I could write from heaven, this is what I’d say,

Please don’t miss me too much,

I’m with you throughout your day.

You may not see or hear me,

But if you’re quiet and still,

You may just feel my presence;

Because in Heaven there is free will.

Don’t worry for the day, it will come and go as planned,

Enjoy each moment

you are given,

Keep worry from your hand.

Keep sorrow to a minimum;

For in Heaven if you could see,

You’d know I’m safe and happy,

I did not cease to be.

Moments in time are brief,

Until we’ll be together again,

As Eternity lasts forever,

Our lives, they have no end.

No matter how much longer I get to stay here. .. these words will stay with me.