Back in the day – way, way back – I had all kinds of accoutrements for most every part of my life. For instance, eight or 10 colors of lipsticks, a dozen or more pair of heels (never mind flats!) half a dozen pairs of jeans, and a few sets of clothes for every occasion – ah, the good life!

But now, as I muddle through my eighth decade, I don’t want all that stuff or have to make all those decisions. In addition, of course, my social life today doesn’t come anywhere near what it used to be when Jim was serving in the Air Force and we were, to say the least – on the go a lot. During those years I used to say my wardrobe consisted of blue jeans and cocktail dresses. But those days are long gone too.

Don’t get me wrong I still have a good social life – mostly with my family and special friends – but it’s not nearly as complicated, especially a far as paraphernalia are concerned.

Shoes are a prime example. Eighty year old feet – trust me – can be very picky. I’ve found one shoe company that makes these digital parts happy both day and night. The problem for some people – not me – might be that there are not that many different styles. As I said: no matter. I like one particular style which makes those feet really perk up, so I have a few pairs of the same style in different colors. They take me everywhere I need or want to go.

I found one lipstick that goes with my complexion and matches up with everything I wear. Again, problem solved. A few pair of slacks and coordinating tops and I can be pretty presentable most anywhere.

Purses and earrings are my downfall. I love them both. I carry a lot in my purses so they have to be accommodating. Well, I need my wallet, my notebook – I still like to write things down in longhand, a makeup bag, tissue, extra pens, an umbrella in case of rain, etc., well you get the idea. On wag chided me that I could handle everything, including brain surgery with what I carried in one of my handbags. (Just wait till some people get a few more years on them!)

I like knitted or crocheted stoles, which also go with everything. Fortunately I have a wonderful friend who helps keep me supplied with these essentials.

I hardly ever got my nails done as a young woman. I now consider this an essential appointment for both my social life and personal satisfaction. I won’t share the brands or names for all these personal necessities – except one.

My nail polish has a name which makes even this octogenarian giggle.

It’s called “Not Tonight Honey”