Mary Ann Bridgman’s watercolor exhibit, “Waterscapes,” is featured at Art Central Gallery in Summerville. A waterscape is a landscape scene with a prominent water feature included.

“Living in the South Carolina Lowcountry, we are blessed to have many natural wonders available to us. A lot of these include water,” Bridgman said.

Bridgman learned at a young age that she absolutely loves being near water. Whether it is ocean, river, pond or waterfall, it gives her great pleasure.

What Bridgman knows instinctively, science supports with data: viewing water provides many benefits. Researchers have determined that being near water has definite calming effects on people. Watching ocean waves is inspiring and lowers stress levels. Even looking at paintings of water scenes can provide these benefits.

Bridgman exhibit will be available at Art Central Gallery, 130 Central Ave., Summerville. Find more information at