Saige Shoup Dooodle for Google

Saige Shoup and her winning doodle titled "Inspiration of Nature."

A seventh-grade student from the Marrington Middle School for the Arts was announced today as a finalist for the "Doodle4Google" contest.

Saige Shoup was announced as the winner for the "Doodle4Google" contest for the state on May 30th. She is one of 53 finalist chosen from all of the states and territories, to possible when the national prize.

Her doodle which is titled "Inspiration of Nature" shows young people in the forest and in the ocean. The artwork also includes the Google letters as well.

Shoup was in the auditorium of Marrington Middle School along with all of the other seventh graders from the school. They were told that they would be in a Youtube video that was being made by Google. However, the event was to announce Shoup as the state winner.

"It feels like a dream it doesn't feel real," Shoup said. 

She said that she first heard about the contest when she saw a video about it on Youtube. She was excited when her art teacher said that the class would be taking part in the contest.

Shoup said that the piece took her 3 weeks to complete and that she will often use nature as a focus in her art.

Shoup's mother Jessica Shoup said that her daughter has been drawing and creating art since she was 2 years old. She recalled that as a child Saige would pause the television and draw what was on the screen. Shoup said she was excited that her daughter was able to receive this recognition for her art.

The principal of Marrington Middle School, Dara Harrop, said that Shoup is not only a great artist but also a great student. Harrop said that Shoup is motivated, hardworking, and kind. Harrop said that she is a wonderful representation of the school.

"It couldn't happen to a better kid," Harrop said.

If Shoup wins she will receive a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 technology package for her school or a non-profit of her choice. She will be invited to see and tour Google headquarters in California. Her artwork will also be displayed on for a day.

There will be a public online voting poll available starting June 3rd to vote on which finalist should be the winner.