Trident Health opens milk bank drop-off sites for nursing moms

Baby Jamison, born Jan. 9 at Summerville Medical Center

An era is coming to a close at Trident Medical Center, after 44 years the Labor and Delivery unit will be close and will move to Summerville Medical Center.

At a ceremony on June 28th Trident Medical Center honored the Labor and Delivery Unit as well as employees who have worked in the unit. The ceremony consisted of toasts, speeches and presentations all honoring the unit and the memories that were made.

Among those who spoke were doctors, nurses, administrators, and former patients.

Dr. James Martin, who has worked in the unit since 1983 and delivered over 5,000 babies, said that he is proud to be a part of the team. He also praised the staff for the effort that they put in every day. He also spoke about the importance that the unit has had in his life.

“I could go on for hours talking about the wonderful memories,” Martin said.

He finished saying that the move to Summerville will be a major change but that they can make it through anything.

Leshauna Barron, who was one of the first ten babies born at Trident Medical Center, who now works at the hospital as a concierge said that its a privilege to see how far the unit has come.

“I’m glad to be able to see it,” Barron said.

Barron said that it will different in the hospital without the Labor and Delivery Unit. She said that they will no longer hear the lullaby that plays when a baby is born or see the parents and children when they leave.

Registered Nurse Tammie Stenstron said that leaving is very bittersweet.

“We’re sad to be leaving Trident, but we’re also excited,” she said.

The Labor and Delivery Unit opened at Trident Medical Center in 1975. The unit has since been where countless babies have entered the world. The number is not known exactly, but the unit has assisted in over 1,500 births each year.

The unit will be consolidated to Summerville Medical Center on July 9th. All people who wish to do labor and delivery through Trident Health will go to Summerville.