Drug arrest

Police in Summerville responded to the Sphinx gas station on June 18, in reference to a man asleep inside his car at a gas pump. Police said when they approached the man he was in fact asleep sitting on the driver’s side of the car. Police said they then opened the door get the subject to wake up. The incident report states when police began to question the man he was very disoriented and believed he was in the West Ashley area and did not know how he got there. Police said the subject was still confused when EMS arrived and he eventually admitted to using “ice” but did not know the amount. The incident report states the subject was put into the ambulance as the officer continued the investigation. The officer said while still on scene he observed the suspect jump out of the back of ambulance and run towards a nearby subdivision. The officer then called a K-9 to help track the suspect down but they eventually lost sight and set up a perimeter. Police said they soon discovered the car he was driving was reported stolen out of Goose Creek and there was a weapon in the car. The incident report states that police found several pills and 17 grams of a crystal substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.


Police in Summerville were called to Bacons Bridge Road on June 19 for a shoplifter. The incident report states that while responding the officer was told the suspect is a man dressed as a woman and he was wearing a yellow skirt, blue shirt, a red wig and pink lipstick. Police said the suspect walked into the grocery store and selected drinks and several items from the salad and food bar at the deli and then exited the story without paying. Police said the suspect is a known shoplifter in the area and they identified him from previous incidents in Berkeley County. The suspect was not apprehended at the scene. Police said he fled the scene when the store manager first approached him.


On June 13, police responded to an auto parts store on Trolley Road for a man sleeping in the parking lot. Police were told the subject has been causing a disturbance over the past couple of days. Police said they were familiar with the subject who has been arrested in the same area before. Police said trash was beginning to accumulate around the man and they asked the suspect why he was still sleeping in the parking lot. The incident report stated the man told officers he was only sleeping and not bothering anyone and he would clean up the mess he made. Police arrested the suspect for loitering and during a search they found what officers believed to be narcotics.


Police responded to a gas station on Old Trolley Road on June 18, for theft of lottery tickets. The incident report states the manager told officers the store is missing $59 in scratch off lottery tickets. Police were told one evening there were nine $1 and one $10 missing. The report states the manager said most recently a man was caught on video walking into the store and after seeing that no clerks were around he went behind the counter and took four $10 instant tickets. The clerk said the thefts were reported the lottery commission so the tickets could not be redeemed.