Patient confession

On Dec. 16, an officer was off duty at Summerville Medical Center and a patient admitted to a crime. The incident report states the officer was told that they were the Grinch that stole Christmas on the local news. The report states the officer was told by the patient that she took mail in Orangeburg County. The officer said that he contacted the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office about the incident.

Fight in parking lot

Police in Summerville were called on Dec. 14 to a Zaxby’s regarding a fight. The incident report states that a father was at the restaurant to pick up his son after a shift at work. The report said the another employee was picking on his son and when the father confronted the employee approached the father as if he wanted to fight. Police said not long after that a physical altercation began. When police arrived they said neither wanted to press charges.


On Dec. 15, police in Summerville responded to Brandy Mill Blvd. regarding some trespassers. Police said the group of juveniles were familiar with the area and were trespassing near the pool area. The incident report states the kids were drinking alcohol, eating pizza and smoking marijuana. Police said they lifted up the fence to get into the pool area to use the restrooms. Police said none of the juveniles appeared to be intoxicated despite having beer and a “mostly consumed bottle of vodka.” Police released the kids their parents without additional charges.

Waffle House incident

On Dec. 17, police in Summerville responded to a Waffle House regarding a couple arguing. Police said when they arrived they separated the two to determine what the incident was about. The female said it was about her not properly caring for their pet. When the make was question he said the argument was about her cheating. Police said the female was recently arrested for domestic violence and was awaiting a court hearing. Both were placed on trespass notice.