Cemetery vandalism

Deputies in Dorchester County responded to Parks Cemetery on Boone Hill Road regarding an incident of vandalism on Nov. 29. The incident report states the complainant told deputies that someone had damaged a family tombstone. Deputies said the complainant told them, they think they know who was involved and that it has happened before. No arrests were made at the time of the report. The incident report states the deputy observed the words, “Not soon enough,” beside the date portion on the headstone.

Domestic Incident

Deputies responded to Generations Lane in Summerville on Nov. 29, for a disturbance involving a male and female who live together. Deputies said the male and female were in an argument because they had been evicted from their home. The incident report stated that the female told deputies her boyfriend had poured bleach all over her baby pictures. In response, the report states, the female piled some of the male’s clothing outside, poured kerosene on them and set the clothing on fire. Deputies said her story changed a few times during questioning and they told the female she could be arrested for starting the fire. She was allowed to return inside the home but requested a report be completed on the incident.


On Dec. 1, deputies in Dorchester County responded to Miles Road for a call regarding pointing and resending a firearm. The incident report states that a child’s stepfather and biological father began to argue about spending more time with the child. Deputies said the biological father approached the complainant using a fighting stance. The incident report states the complainant told deputies he heard the biological father yell towards an unknown person, to get the gun. The complainant told deputies after he went back to his truck he saw the unknown person pointing a rifle towards him. The report said when the complainant saw the rifle he got out and removed a large chain from the bed of his truck. Deputies said, at the time of the report, the suspect could not be located but witnesses, who said they were with the suspect at the time, told investigators that no firearms were presented and the complainant was the aggressor and confirmed he retrieved a chain out of his truck. No arrests were made at time of the report.

Drugs found

On Nov. 22, deputies from Berkeley County made a traffic stop in Summerville on Holiday Drive. The incident report states that when the vehicle came to a stop all of the occupants got out of the vehicle and told the deputy they were there to meet a friend. The incident report states that when the deputy asked a female subject if she had anything illegal, she paused and stated, “No.” The deputy said upon asking a second time and encouraging her to be honest, if she had anything illegal she said, “Yes.” The report states the suspect told the deputy she had “Ice” in her bra. The incident report states a female deputy was brought in to assist with the search of the suspect and a crystal like substance, that tested positive for methamphetamine, was indeed found in her bra. The suspect was arrested for possession with intent to distribute and taken to the jail in Berkeley County.