Drugs found

On Aug. 6 police in Summerville pulled over a vehicle on Ladson Road. Police said when they approached the car there was a strong odor of marijuana and the driver was slurring his speech and he acted nervous. The incident report states after the suspect the exited the car police questioned him about having anything illegal and the replied he did not anything illegal. Police said as the stop progressed the driver said there was a handgun in the side door of the car. Police said they discovered a .45 caliber pistol. Police said during the search of the vehicle they discovered a digital mini scale and numerous products containing high levels of THC which are used mainly in vaping devices, as well as a bottle of whiskey. The incident report states the suspect was arrested on charges that include possession with intent to distribute marijuana and unlawful carrying of a firearm.

Assault call

On Aug. 3 police in Summerville responded to Limerick Circle regarding an assault. Police said while they were in route they were informed that the complainant’s daughter was throwing knives at him and destroying things. Police said when they arrived they were told by the complainant that his daughter was upset because he took the T.V. remote from her and would not take her to Pizza Hut.

Police said during the investigation they discovered damage to a bedroom wall and that at one point the daughter was arguing with the father in the kitchen and picked up a knife and threw it across the room. There were no arrests made at time of the report.


Police in Summerville were contacted on Aug. 6, regarding fraud. The complainant said he purchased an iPad Pro over the internet using the app OfferUp. Police said the complainant paid $508 for the device. The incident report states the buyer never received the iPad and the person he purchased from lives in Wisconsin. Police said they used Google Maps to inspect the Wisconsin address and determined it was a restaurant and not a residence.

The incident report said because the complainant used Apple Cash to pay for the device the bank could not reverse the purchase and representatives from Apple said only the bank could reverse the sale.

Found property

On Aug. 2, police in Summerville responded to Movies 16 at Azalea Square in reference to found property. Police said they met the manager who told them she was cleaning out the lost and found and box and discovered a loaded handgun magazine.

Police discovered the magazine was placed in the bin back in April but it does in indicate where in the cinema it was found. Police determined the magazine contained six 9 mm rounds.